Human + Machine: These speakers talk about AI being the future of work

Human + Machine: These speakers talk about AI being the future of work

Shortly after its publication in the US already, the book “Human + Machine” sparked a lot of discussion. Now, the book on artificial intelligence and the future of work has been published in German as well (dtv Verlag). The two Global Topspeakers, Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad (on the right) and Kai Arne Gondlach (left) also deal with the controversial topic of artificial intelligence and talk about it in their forward-looking lectures. 

The two authors behind “Human + Machine”, Paul R. Daugherty and H. James Wilson, put a great many ethical and moral questions up for discussion in their book. To that end, they studied 1,500 companies all over the world to determine if and how said companies use artificial intelligence – for many of them are already applying AI in their production, their communication with customers or in research. The shocking result: Those companies counting on artificial intelligence and smart technologies develop innovations more quickly, grow more significantly and generate more turnover. The others, in contrast, clearly lag behind and won’t be able to catch up anymore. Both authors are convinced that artificial intelligence will turn all established rules, according to which companies still operate on the market to this day, upside down.

Global Topspeaker Boris Nikolai Konrad shares this belief: Those who make use of the best kind of artificial intelligence and at the same time are prepared to learn from it, will be the ones to prevail in the market.” In his lecture “Will we stay ahead of robots?” the computer scientist and brain researcher explains what AI can already achieve today in a company, in sales, in logistics and in marketing and what not. However, robots should never be seen as a mere replacement for labour. They rather should be used as a tool, so that employees can further improve their skills and focus on what is essential. Boris Nikolai Konrad warns: „Otherwise, we will miss out on the robots’ true benefit and risk running into bigger problems.”

To lecturer and keynote speaker Kai Arne Gondlach as well, artificial intelligence is a field of research that will soon initiate a rethinking process in the business world. In his work for the renowned future research institute 2b AHEAD ThinkTank, he consults companies on how to align their processes and strategies with future developments. In this context, he always keeps an eye on the big players in the Silicon Valley as well. „No matter whether Google, Microsoft or Facebook: All digital companies of international standing have focused their research and development on AI”, says Gondlach.

According to the Global Topspeaker, these innovations not only represent significant changes for companies but will soon also play a role in all areas of our everyday life – be it medicine, household or mobility. Machines and artificial intelligence will make humans more human. Seems to be a contradiction, but is based on the fact that we will benefit so much from it in medicine, mobility and everyday life, etc. that we will soon no longer have to perform the mindless tasks machines can do so much better anyway. This will give us more room and a wider choice of how to spend our time. And this time is going to be long as we will live much longer and healthier.

Apart from the study, the authors of „Human + Machine. Reimagining Work in the Age of AI, Paul R. Daugherty and H. James Wilson also drew up a guideline indicating five basic principles on how to use artificial intelligence advantageously in one’s own business. 

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