Interactive participation via app - Speaker Graeter empowers audience

Norman Gräter ist zweifacher Europameister im öffentlichen Reden.

By means of a speaker app, Global Topspeaker and motivation coach Norman Graeter has recently been making his presentations even more interactive. In doing so, the enthusiastic inspirer can focus on the individual people that make up his audience. Participants can ask questions live on their smartphones and thus get involved themselves. And so Norman Graeter can react individually, adapt the presentation contents promptly and eliminate ambiguities as quickly as possible.

„The app brings the participants closer to me and I can better meet their needs. Furthermore, they have the feeling of being part of the presentation instead of only passively sitting by – even if they don‘t use the app themselves to ask questions“, explains Norman Graeter the advantages of his new presentation gadget. The experienced lecturer and keynote speaker has only recently tried the app for the first time during a presentation for a hotel directors’ association – with lasting effect. As the response was positive all around, Graeter will use the interactive element in his speaker appearances more often in the future.

But how exactly does the app work? During the presentation, participants can directly send anonymous messages to Norman Graeter - without any personal data being stored. This way, they can provide the speaker with feedback, ask questions or make suggestions as to which contents should be deepened or where additional examples would be beneficial. On stage, these messages are being displayed on Graeter’s laptop immediately. Therefore, he sees right away if there is a need for further explanations and can act immediately.

However, to Norman Graeter the app is not only a means of creating a closer relationship with his audience. By using the app, the motivational speaker also keeps up with the times and cleverly takes advantage of the opportunities offered by digitisation. Smartphones are ubiquitous nowadays and thus open up completely new channels of communication – even between audience and speaker.

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