Dominique Görlitz on newly discovered cavity in the Pyramid of Cheops

Speaker Dr. Görlitz on his ship, the Abora.

Experimental archaeologist and Global Topspeaker Dominique Görlitz has been studying the Pyramid of Cheops in Giza for years. Now, an international team of researchers has discovered a so far unknown cavity inside the mysterious structure. And the speculations haven’t stopped running wild ever since. For Görlitz, this new discovery may finally provide answers to important research issues still unsolved and it may also turn upside down the knowledge previously acquired on the early culture in Egypt.

The Pyramid of Cheops in Giza has always been a place of mystery and myth. By means of muon scanning technology, researchers from Japan and France now were able to locate a cavity of about 30 metres in length that runs above the Great Gallery and the king’s chamber. After these new findings had been disclosed to the public, numerous scientists referred to them as a breakthrough and the question that arose then was: What had this cavity been used for?

Experimental archaeologist and keynote speaker Dominique Görlitz assumes that this discovery will give evidence to the fact that the intention behind the pharaoh’s architecture is totally different from what has been presumed to date. The scientist and author has been researching the pyramid’s construction intensively. His research and archaeological experiments so far have already shown that the technical state-of-the-art in ancient Egypt had been much more progressive than assumed.

He, for instance, discovered obvious traces of wrought iron at the Pyramid of Giza. Until now, it was assumed that its production had not yet been common in the Egyptian culture at the time. To the general public, however, Dominique Görlitz is known as the expedition leader of the ABORA projects in the course of which he tried to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a reconstructed, prehistoric reed boat.

Dominique Görlitz’s scientific approach always goes way beyond researching the past – he has the future in mind. For the experimental archaeologist is convinced: Major findings for our modern working world and the business of tomorrow can be derived from ancient cultures. This innovative way of thinking is what the fascinating keynote speaker Görlitz conveys in his multi-media presentations.

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