Self-confidence is the best remedy for the fear of the future

Motivationstrainer Richard de Hoop. ©LINK Fotografie3

None of the generations before us knew the kind of safety, health and quality of life that was made possible by technological progress. At the same time, many people are afraid that all we know will be destroyed or even that humanity will self-destruct. It seems to be a paradox: The fear of the future increases although we live better than ever before. Global Topspeaker and motivation expert Richard de Hoop has been monitoring this phenomenon for a long time and has taken up this issue.

„This development does not lack a certain irony. For the cause of the expected deterioration or even destruction of the hard-earned quality of life is being linked to scientific and technological progress, i.e. the very source that made this high standard of living possible in the first place. Many people ask questions such as: ‚How will I be able to keep up with this development?‘, ‚Will a machine take over my job?‘ or ‚Will we lose control of our own life?‘“, says the renowned keynote speaker de Hoop.

This general insecurity is based on five key reasons, states Richard de Hoop. Only few people understand the complexity of the development. This results in uncertainty. In addition, technology is forcing its beat on us. This goes hand in hand with the speed of change, to which we merely react even before we can truly internalise something new. Furthermore, the dimension of the change processes is no longer limited to a region - it’s global. In the end, all this forces us to leave our comfort zone of absolute and familiar certainty. There’s no true standpoint any longer, no absolute truth to hold on to.

Thus, one’s own talents and trust in oneself and others become immensely important. Trust is the beginning of everything. It’s the connective link in the social as well as in the business environment. We need trust, especially in complex situations when we cannot assess the risks or control the result but nevertheless need to remain capable of taking action. However, the currency „trust“ has been inflationary for years. It’s a development with consequences. If we do not trust in ourselves, in our fellow men, in leaders and organisations, making decision becomes complicated. Distrust is growing and ultimately, fear will arise. „A lack of trust therefore is a considerable economic cost factor, too“, says entrepreneur and speaker Richard De Hoop.

In his presentation „Music of the Future“, the Global Topspeaker addresses this complex interaction of causes, developments, fears and trust. To illustrate this contemporary topic, de Hoop relies on music. He uses an orchestra as a graphic example. „In private as well as in business, we should play together like a perfectly harmonised orchestra. Every ‚instrument‘ needs different votes of confidence, however“, explains the Global Topspeaker. And this is exactly where the Dutchman sees an opportunity for digital technologies in the future. For social networks are important as well when it comes to sustaining team spirit, humanity and collaborative work and to acting like a perfect orchestra.

With his presentation „Music of the Future“ Richard de Hoop sets a positive mood for the coming developments and changes. He appeals to his audience to recognise, further develop and trust their own talents. To this end, he conveys a sustainable, creative and solution-oriented way of thinking – for in his experience, trusting in your own skills is the best remedy for the fear of the future.

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