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After 48 days: Archaeologist D. Görlitz finally back from Oman

The media is writing about experimental archaeologist and Global Topspeaker Dr. Dominique Görlitz „Archaeologist escapes ‘Pharaoh’s curse’“ and is really hitting the nail on the head: After 48 days in the sultanate and being temporarily held by the authorities, the scientist has returned to Germany happy and well this week. Responding to the invitation of the International Maritime College Oman (IMCO) Görlitz had travelled to Sohar to hold a keynote on his ABORA project. The speaker is currently researching Omani naval and cultural traditions and wants to prove that trade relations between Russia’s Black Sea Coast and Egypt already existed in ancient times.

He was held in Oman based on accusations of the Egyptian State to the effect that Dr. Dominique Görlitz and his team had supposedly damaged the famous Cheops cartouche in block two of the uppermost relieving chamber during their research activities in April 2013. The case attracted considerable attention all over the world at the time: In 2014, Görlitz and two colleagues were sentenced to 5 years in prison for theft. Renowned experts, however, considered the accusations as untenable and so the arrest warrant was revoked in 2015. The scientists had been able to prove that the damage had already existed in 2006. „Prior to my trip to Oman, I had it confirmed that my entry on Interpol’s website had been deleted. However, the Egyptian authorities obviously did have their own entry“, explained experimental archaeologist and speaker Dr. Dominique Görlitz. His passport was confiscated and so the scientist was only able to fly back to Germany after more than one and a half months.

However, researcher Dr. Dominique Görlitz was able make good use of his enforced stay and established further scientific research partnerships with Omani universities. Thanks to his integrity, he has gained the respect of many important personalities in Oman who are supporting him there. He also held lectures at schools and universities in Oman to prepare his new research project in the sultanate which is to start in 2019/2020. Furthermore, the IMCO University has offered Görlitz further cooperation as well.

The IMCO also honoured him with the University Research Award for his work on the ABORA project. In the course of his comprehensive research on the cultural and historical legacies in Oman, Dr. Görlitz has already received two new invitations from universities in Muscat and Nizwa, which would like to make the results of the German scientist’s research available to their students. Dominique Görlitz says: „I would like to thank the Omani authorities and my new partners from the bottom of my heart and express my greatest respect. I experienced Oman as a country where culture, tolerance and tradition are held in high regard and considered to be very important values. “It certainly hasn’t been experimental archaeologist Dr. Dominique Görlitz’s last trip to the homeland of Sindbad the Sailor. And one thing’s for sure: He now definitely has a lot of new material for his captivating presentations as a speaker for the renowned speakers’ agency Global Topspeakers - with „All in one boat – teamwork as a key factor to success!“, being only one of them.