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Speakers agency Global Topspeakers hands out Speakers Awards 2016

Once again this year, the speakers agency Global Topspeakers honoured the most outstanding speakers with the prestigious Global Topspeakers Award. A jury of five renowned industry experts nominated the award-winners of the trophies which are highly sought after in the speakers’ world. At the end of the year, the Global Topspeakers agency honours the most successful speakers of the past year with a special trophy – the Speakers Award. Only speakers belonging to the circle of Global Topspeakers can be nominated for this price. The awards are presented in the categories „Best Brand“, „Best Newcomer“, „Most Outstanding Speaker“, „Best Media“, and „Best Performer - Speakers“ as well as „Best Performer - Coaches“. In addition to that, a special award is granted for the most outstanding performance outside the speakers’ scene. 

„By way of the Global Topspeakers Awards, we motivate our speakers and increase their visibility. Thus, our customers also get a clear picture of who our best performers are“, says Heinrich Kürzeder, the owner of the Global Topspeakers agency. The speakers’ price for „Best Brand“ was awarded to motivation and change expert Ilja Grzeskowitz from Berlin for his consistent and well thought out public appearance and his distinct corporate identity as well as for the strictness and consistency with which he presents himself as a personal brand. Seven Enger, the entrepreneur and former member of the board of international corporations was honoured as „Best Newcomer“.

The „Best Performer - Speakers“ award was granted to circumnavigator Stefanie Voss for her thrilling and perfectly staged presentations. The jury chose the incomparable William Wanker alias Ralf Schmitt to be the “Most Outstanding Speaker“ in 2016. Whether as artificial US character William Wanker or as host and actor Ralf Schmitt, William respectively Ralf always unleash the enthusiasm of their audiences.

In the coaching sector, the Speakers Award 2016 for the „Best Performer - Coaches“ was presented to mountain climber and motivation coach Steve Kroeger for the concept of his 7 Summits Seminars.

Comedian Holger Müller alias „Ausbilder Schmidt“ (Instructor Schmidt) hosted the award ceremony in his usual inspiring and exciting manner. The Global Topspeakers Awards for the “Speakers of the Year” are handed out every year and represent the crowning glory of every business year of the Global Topspeakers agency.For the detailed laudations click here.