Under-21 coach Kuntz: Developing talent to counter skill shortages

Stefan Kuntz Profilbild.

Not everybody had expected former soccer pro Stefan Kuntz to achieve what he then accomplished within ten months: In August 2016, he had been appointed coach of the German under-21 National Team and at the end of June 2017 his team won the European Championship title. In the process, Stefan Kuntz demonstrated a target-oriented approach to the promotion of young players and a perfect squad planning. This is not only an important key to success in sports alone, however. In particular in times of skills shortages, it has become vital for companies to win over young talents and to train them to become qualified employees.

While doing so, under-21 national coach Stefan Kuntz did not only rely on his many years of experience but also displayed the required courage and dared to take risks. For who wants to start developing young talents at an early stage needs to factor in the talents’ volatility, but on the other hand still has to trust them to stand the test in the end. In this context, the former European Champion is a role model for personnel management: He applied himself to the active recruitment and development of young talents with a lot of heart, vision and a high degree of humanity. Within a very short time, he succeeded in forging the young players into a team. Even in difficult times, he motivated them and never lost faith in his team. He taught his talents how to deal with failures, how not to lose sight of their goal and how to go beyond their limits. Stefan Kuntz always communicated eye-to-eye with his team members and thus strengthened their self-confidence.

This kind of talent management can also be gainfully applied in the trainee programs of companies. For the „new kids on the block“ provide new perspectives and ideas and bring along a fresh breeze that often also inspires and motivates older employees. This way, the commitment and motivation of the entire staff can be increased. But even if you manage to find, promote and train young talents to become sought-after specialists: How do you succeed in keeping them with your company in the long term and prevent them from joining your competitors?

In this respect, the training enterprise is also required to develop and change in order to continue to be an attractive employer. Although Stefan Kuntz is considered to stand for traditional values, he nevertheless had always been an agile and flexible trainer who adapted his communication to the respective player. That he is quite successful with this kind of situational leadership was eventually proven in the decisive match at the European Championship in Krakau.

In his capacity as a well-known keynote speaker, Stefan Kuntz compares the mechanisms in soccer teams with team building processes and effective collaboration in companies. In his presentations, he not only offers exclusive insights into the world of professional soccer but also reveals amazing parallels with similar processes in the business world.

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