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How do megatrends develop? Sven Gabor Janszky knows the answer

They have a global effect and affect all different economic sectors: megatrends. Yet those sudden and extensive trends must have a certain origin. Being Germany’s most famous futurologist Sven Gabor Janszky knows how megatrends develop. The Global Topspeaker visits the most innovative hotspots in the world on a regular basis and knows, which inventions become a megatrend in the end.

This is also the topic in the newest lecture of the Keynote Speaker: “The power of megatrends – strategies for the future”. In this lecture Sven Gabor Janszky explains his audience how companies can incorporate future trends in their own business model. Thereby he explains why companies don’t have to incorporate every single trend, but more so ever identify those innovations which have a positive impact on their work.

One example which gets mentioned often in this context is autonomous driving. The reason for that is that autonomous driving has the potential to not only change the automobile industry but also every single economic branch. It also influences the change process of the infrastructure of cities and will also influence our habits of travelling – in our free time, on holiday and for work. Autonomous driving would also have another huge impact on our free time: How do we spent the time when we don’t have to drive? The example of autonomous driving touches every possible impact a megatrend could have shortly but still represents the enormous impact megatrends have on our life and how complex they are. Sven Gabor Janszky is one of the few people who has an overview of megatrends and explains specific how they evolve, develop and then replace. With ongoing digitalisation and automation global change processes happen much faster than they used to and demand much more flexibility from companies to compete in the global competition.

From medicine to mobility, from industry to real estate – futurologist Janszky always knows the big technical and interdisciplinary future trends. For this he travels around the world, from China to the Silicon Valley, to visit leading technology companies and discover the most innovative start-ups. The Keynote Speaker makes those insights experienceable and imaginable for his audience. The next megatrends are not a dream in the future but develop right now – you just must know where like Janszky does!