What makes athletes important sources of inspiration for the economy

Sportler können wichtige Impulsgeber für die Wirtschaft sein. © CCO Public Domain3

If you want to be a top performer in competitive sports, you need to have certain characteristics or develop them during years of training. But although physical qualities such as muscle strength or mobility are essential, a lot is a matter of mind, really. Exactly the same characteristics is what brings companies forward and makes employees successful. Therefore, top athletes in particular are important sources of inspiration for the economy. Lecturers such as Global Topspeakers Stefan Kuntz, Natalie Geisenberger and Norman Bücher transfer the experience they gained in competitive sports to business and thus give their audience a new perspective on economic processes and successful collaboration.

In an interview with the German newspaper „Die Welt“ (“The World”) Michael Vesper, chairman of the Deutsche Olympische Sportbund (DOSB), the German Olympic Sports Confederation, recently said that athletes are extremely well-structured, disciplined, target-oriented and ambitious – qualities that efficient employees also have to have and that companies need to promote.

The best example to substantiate this fact is Global Topspeaker Natalie Geisenberger. The multiple Olympic and World Luge Champion lives according to the motto: „All or nothing“. She demonstrates a healthy ambition and an enormous amount of willpower when it comes to achieving her goals. In an authentic manner, the professional sportswoman demonstrates in her presentations how to likewise keep an eye on one’s goals in professional life, how to move forward step by step and how to boost your motivation at the same time.

For Norman Bücher, self-motivation is also a vital aspect in his efforts to push himself to the limit time and again. During his ultra-marathons, the Global Topspeaker fights his way through rough terrain under the most difficult conditions. The resilience and will power he needs to do so, is the same that he takes advantage of as a successful entrepreneur. The keynote speaker is a graduate sports marketing manager, consultant and business economist all rolled up into one. The combination of both of these sectors makes the extreme athlete Norman Bücher a sought-after speaker with a unique treasure trove of experience.

Stefan Kuntz, on the other hand, used to be a professional athlete himself and today leads young athletes to success: Nowadays, the former national player and European soccer champion is the coach of the German U21 national team. As a Global Topspeaker and expert for talent development he knows how to turn individual players into a team. This experience equates with teambuilding in companies. In his capacity as a speaker, Stefan Kuntz therefore shows his audience why the ability to work in a team is so important for the success of a company and how employees can learn this skill.

Global Topspeakers arranges the services of all three of these fascinating athletes, lecturers and keynote speakers who give presentations on various topics. In the online data bank of the renowned speaker’s agency, you will also find other experts with a background in high-performance, competitive and extreme sports.

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