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How autonomous driving will change our mobility

What the future holds in the case of mobility is already forseeable today . Digital technologies are used in modern modes of transport. Touchscreens make connecting with mobile devices possible, intelligent brake- and parking assistants and digital radio reception have become the standard in our cars.

The speaker on the topic future, Stefan Jenzowsky, feels certain that digital technologies enable autonomous driving in the foreseeable future, also based on a current topic: In Hamburg transport minister Andreas Scheuer got presented how far autonomous driving has developed and what safety requirements can be insured. The decelerated intention of politics, economy and society: Less traffic, more mobility. To achieve this goal, Jenzowsky emphasises the importance of willingness to change and the importance of new cooperations.

Basis for the successful future of autonomous driving is the distribution of digital technologies. But Stefan Jenzowsky, who founded a StartUp on vehicle technology himself, sees more aspects. The future of the automobile and the reduction of environmental pollution depend also on the development of alternative drive forms instead of combustion engines. The automotive industry does a lot of research on this subject. Electro-, natural gas- and hybrid-cars are offered by nearly every manufacturer. Which pros and cons these developments have and if the development happens fast enough, are questions the expert on autonomous driving answers in his lectures on the future of the automobile and the future of autonomous driving.

Bookable through a speaker’s agency the future expert knows, because of his regular visits at Google and Tesla, which changes in digital technologies and alternative drive forms work for the vehicles and the consumers. As soon as technical assistants take control over vehicle control systems, recognizing obstacles and observing traffic conditions, we gain valuable time for other things while our journeys. The vehicle transforms into an abode, in which we work and follow leisure activities. Accordingly, the functionality of our cars must adapt to new movement patterns.

The future of autonomous driving and the future of the automotive will, so Jenzowsky, be influenced by the expertise of employees of the automotive companies in the handling of digital technologies and how close the automotive industry will work with StartUps, to build synergies and make the needed innovative leaps to develop autonomous driving further.

Autonomous driving is already in the starting gates. The automotive of the future is no longer fiction, but a prototype, who develops. New drive forms will improve fleet consumptions and next to the environmental benefits also the economic benefits will be convincing.

The human with his ideas and wishes will remain the essential driver for progress in autonomous driving and the new aspects of mobility.