Teamwork and communication: What businesses can learn from sailing

Beim Segeln und im Business kommt es auf Teamarbeit und Kommunikation an CCO Public Domain3

Cast off, full speed ahead! To get to the right port later on, however, knowing your sailor knots and the direction of the wind is simply not enough. Being passionate sailors themselves, Global Topspeakers Dominique Görlitz, Stefanie Voss and Dominik Neidhart are well aware of what it is that really matters on the high seas: Teamwork and communication – key factors that are also paramount for the success of businesses when it comes to the collaboration of employees, executives and managers.

Sailing means to work together in extremely tight spaces, regardless of the weather and despite of little sleep. Dr. Dominique Görlitz is one of those people who regularly expose themselves to such extremes. In the course of his ABORA expeditions, the experimental archaeologist crossed the Northern Atlantic aboard a reed boat. In his fascinating multimedia presentation „All in one boat“, amongst others, Global Topspaker and extreme sailor Görlitz talks about his adventures. At the same time, the experimental scientist explains how to motivate a team to peak performance and thus enable the team members to work together efficiently - even in extreme situations.

Why a functioning team in some cases might even be vital, is what keynote Dominik Neidhart illustrates in his presentations. The professional Swiss sailor and America‘s Cup winner – the world’s most challenging sailing regatta – knows perfectly well that on the high seas, one small mistake by one person may endanger the entire crew. In his lectures, Neidhart therefore advocates assuming responsibility for one’s actions, not only on the boat but also in business. Such a sense of responsibility strengthens the team spirit as it simultaneously teaches you to appreciate the work of your colleagues. On the speaker’s platform, the owner of a highly successful consulting firm underlines this fact with impressive pictures of his sailing trips.

However, a sailing crew can only reach their destination with a captain that sets the course. Global Topspeaker Stefanie Voss points out what executives can learn from sailing. The expert on leadership and communication is proficient in both sectors: As a circumnavigator she hoists the sails herself and takes the helm. As an entrepreneur and former manager in a DAX-listed corporation, she successfully leads teams. In her presentations, she skilfully builds a bridge between sailing and daily business and, among others, reveals her success strategies and motivates her audience to set their own course. In her particular hands-on and authentic way, Stefanie Voss also demonstrates why essential qualities of a captain such as visions, flexibility and a clear focus on the destination are of utmost importance in management positions as well.

A sailing ship doesn’t steer itself, just as a corporate project doesn’t succeed on its own. Both require an efficient team with team members that trust each other and someone that doesn’t lose sight of the destination. The sailors in the Global Topspeakers Team transfer their experiences to the collaboration and leadership within companies and provide their audience with important recommendations on how to implement them in real life.

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