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Futurologist Sven G. Janszky chairs the 16th Future Congress

At this year’s Future Congress, it’s all about the Predictive Enterprises that will fundamentally change politics, economics and society within the next ten years. The two Global Topspeakers and founders of the 2b AHEAD Think Tank, Sven Gabor Janszky and Michael Carl, have put together a varied and inspiring programme on this topic. The event, hosted by Germany’s largest future research institute, takes place for the 16th time this year and provides – as in the preceding years – innovative inspiration and fascinating glimpses into the future. And what’s more, in the Future Lodge you can even experience the technologies of the future life. 

From June 20 – 21, the participants of the Future Congress at Wolfsburg Castle will have the unique opportunity to learn more about the technology roadmaps of various key industries and to discuss innovative business ideas. On two consecutive days, they will get insights into a future after the big wave of digitisation and influenced by artificial intelligence, smart algorithms and new quantum computers. For with these tools, precise predictions on customer demands, product requirements as well as market changes can be generated from huge data volumes and corporate processes can be controlled automatically.

In his opening panel, futurologist and Global Topspeaker Sven Gabor Janszky takes his audience on a trip into the year 2027 and demonstrates the most important technological changes. Following his welcome address, the chief strategy and technology officers of big German and international corporations will discuss the business models of the future. In the afternoon, Global Topspeaker Michael Carl will present his keynote on Predictive Politics – a technology where smart analysis systems can deduct what the voter really wants. This kind of knowledge can then be put to specific use in election campaigns.

Apart from attending lectures and panel discussions, networking is the second key aspect of the Congress. So, the event is also an exclusive platform to exchange ideas with other visionaries, powerful drivers of innovation and ambitious founders. During Business Speed Dating and various round table talks, new contacts can be established and intensified.

If you would like to participate in the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank’s Future Congress and find more information, please refer to the online application form here.