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Beyond the challenge: Antarctic ice expedition

Beyond the challenge: Antarctic ice expedition

By Dixi Dansercoer & Julie Brown
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This book tells the extraordinary story of the belgian polar explorers Dixie Dansercoer and Sam Deltour who succeeded in pushing past boundaries during Antarctic ICE, one of the greatest challenges ever since the discovery of the South Pole.


20 years of ambitious and pioneering polar expeditions combined with a scientific mission have put Dixie Dansercoer in the world top 5. Recently he has become a master guide, accredited by the International Polar Guides Association. Julie Brown has run the back-office and managed the supporting team comprising 120 international co-workers, volunteers and hi-tech professionals. Together they have written 22 books and produced 5 documentary films, but most of all they have awakened personal dreams in people of all walks of life. They have developed the art of generating and delivering the spark for passionate enthusiasm. Go to profile