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Manage Your Next CRISIS!: A Must for Cities and Industries

Manage Your Next CRISIS!: A Must for Cities and Industries

By Dr. Peter Rehwinkel
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Lead your community or company through any crisis and emerge more powerful than ever Manage Your Next CRISIS! provides all the expertise you need to handle the emergency situations that any community or company inevitably encounters. Strategies to avoid the perils of a crisis, or manage your way out of one are explained succinctly.

Because firm leaders are prepared for the crisis and consequent disruptions they are bound to face. Grasp every facet of crisis management and emergency management that affect organizations, livelihoods, and even lives.

Guide people through each and every crisis calmly. Ensure minimal complications by understanding the most compelling approaches, such as:

  • Relationship of vulnerability, capacity, and resilience in disaster management
  • Fundamentals of emergency response coordination
  • Effective resilience-centered public-private partnership
  • Emergency planning for residents and employees
  • Designing a foolproof crisis management plan
  • Social media crisis management for cities and industries
  • Managing a crisis successfully with stress management
  • Essential attributes of crisis communication
  • Dealing with the media


Dr. Peter Rehwinkel was Member of Parliament, Senator and Mayor in the Netherlands. He left the City of Groningen to fully commit himself to international disaster and crisis management. He headed several international and national delegations on crisis response and recovery. Go to profile