ENGINEERING SUCCESS: The New Frontier of Leadership and Team Performance

ENGINEERING SUCCESS: The New Frontier of Leadership and Team Performance

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You, your team and your family is worth a better future. ENGINEERING SUCCESS” is a short but essential read to boost the success of your organization, your project teams and even to increase the joy and flow of your personal life.

What invisible force drives us to make all the right decisions and still fail? Nobody can escape this latent force, it constantly affects you and everyone around you, your team members and your loved ones. Very few people in the world have learned how to recognize it, how to manage it and how to turn it around to work for them, rather than to automatically work against them. Once understood and properly managed, this powerful force will take you and your team to previously unattainable peaks of outstanding success. This force has been decoded and brilliantly explained by the very best minds at NASA, by aerospace leaders who have achieved out-of-this-world goals, by teams who have learned powerful lessons through expensive and tragic failures. In this book, the solution to understand and manage this invisible force is revealed. This mysterious field makes the difference between success and failure and between mediocre achievements and ground-breaking realizations. This book reveals this force to you.

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