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By Malti Bhojawni
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Our lives are made up of a sum total of our habits. What we are today is the result of all the steps and decisions we have taken in our lives so far.

Malti Bhojwani, 44 is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC with the ICF) International Coach Federation, trained in ontological coaching, NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming and a Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance America). She's been in the personal development industry for over 14 years and brings her experience to individuals, teams in corporations and entrepreneurs all over the world. She has been well received and loved for bringing humanity back into the corporate world. Her forte is teaching people how to change the lens through which they see in order to create new and lasting changes in their lives through body, emotion and language cohesion in workshops based on personal power, body communication, self-discovery and leadership. Malti mentors other coaches, writers and practitioners.


Malti Bhojwani, born in 1971, is a professional coach, author, speaker and workshop facilitator with over 14 years experience. She was born in Singapore, lived in Indonesia India and Australia. Her books have received international praise and been translated in different languages. Go to profile