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Award Winners 2019

Outstanding achievements require special recognition. That's why we started awarding our now highly coveted speaker prizes in 2010.

A jury of five experts now always selects the winners in various categories at the end of the year. Only one nomination for a category per year and speaker is allowed; moreover, a speaker can only receive the award in a particular category once. Understandably, our speakers are visibly proud when they receive this special award.

Here you can see the best speakers of 2019!

Patric Heizmann

Patric Heizmann embodies healthy eating and spreads this in a media-effective way on TV. With his own TV show on RTL, he inspires audiences beyond the borders of Germany. With his online program and social media channels, he has an indescribable number of followers on the subject of healthy eating. But not only his statements, his website, his books and his online marketing deserve the title Best Brand, but also himself. With his vitality and health, he radiates in every fibre of his body how healthy living, vitality and performance can be so easy.

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Jo Halbig

With the farewell tour of his band Killerpilze he proves that he can enthuse crowds. In his inspiring and rousing lectures Jo Halbig shows that he not only appeals to the young generation, but that he can transfer his exciting world of show business to the world of business. With the extraordinary conclusion of his lectures he sets emotional standards.

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Coni Deisler

After Cornelius “Coni” Deisler inspired the Global Topspeaker team several times at different events, nothing was more obvious than to welcome him as a Global Topspeaker. Conny holds his speeches exclusively in verse form and develops an individual presentation for each customer by referring to the company, the employees or even to anniversaries to be honoured.

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Norman Gräter

He has redefined the term motivation! Hardly any other speaker manages to carry his audience away after a short time, to shake them up and above all to motivate them in the long run. With his project to fill the Porsche Arena next year, he demonstrates courage, stamina and the will to achieve goals. It is precisely this will to achieve goals that he gives the audience in his interactive lectures and ensures a long-lasting effect. Having met many world stars, Norman Gräter tells unique, touching, motivating and sometimes thought-provoking stories. And it is this very mixture of interaction and content combined with an incredible stage presence that makes him the best performer.

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Norman Bücher

Not only his books, his website and his unique lectures make Norman Buecher well known. Especially his latest project “7 CONTINENTS” receives an incredible amount of attention in all media whether radio, magazines, newspapers or TV. But he also manages all this with an incredibly consistent brand that he spreads across all his media. As his project, in which he visits schools in all countries of the world, has received a lot of attention, especially abroad, Norman Bücher receives the award for the best and broadest use of new and classic media.

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Steve Kroeger

This prize is awarded annually to speakers who have created an extraordinary achievement outside the speaker community. After his 7 Summits project, with which Steve Kroeger has created an international reputation, he is currently building up an entrepreneurial community. With this special community for small and medium-sized companies, Steve Kroeger sets standards, brings like-minded people together, promotes exchange and entrepreneurship. With mastermind groups, webinars and many other valuable tools, he brings his community together and ensures fast and direct exchange. Steve Kroeger is also on hand to help with difficult cases where an entrepreneur is seeking advice. Especially in times when entrepreneurs are often viewed critically, he sets a benchmark for democratic basic order and for a free market economy.

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