The successful mountaineer and Global Top Speaker Alexander Huber

Occupation: Graduate in physics

Field(s) of expertise: Planning, risk management, rock climbing

Language(s): German, English

Passion as a source of strength or you do not conquer the mountain, but only your own self!

Alexander Huber was born in 1968. 1998 he decided to end his scientific career as a physicist in order to devote fully to his passion – mountaineering. Since then, he and his older brother Thomas, who call themselves ´die Huberbuam - the Huber brothers' are among the most successful climbers in the world.

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When Alexander is outside a house and has no key, he just climbs on the wall to the next open window and gets inside. The mountaineer is doing nearly everything to reach his goals. He knows: Most of the time it´s only the own self that has to be conquered.

In his lectures, he shows the similarity between mountaineering and professional life: you can overcome any obstacle with commitment. You have to cope with setbacks to succeed in the end. Alexander Huber shows how everyone can pull themselves out of setbacks: Just trust yourself and never give up!

Together with his brother, Alexander Huber climbed the highest mountains and broke many records. And they had fun doing it! His vivid lectures include fascinating pictures of his extreme-climbing-tours and show how ideas and visions can be implemented with with clever strategy and successful planning.

If Alexander Huber is busy, you can still book his brother Thomas Huber for a lecture of the ´Huber brothers`.

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