Dr. Angela Ahola

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Occupation: Doctor in psychology, CEO

Field(s) of expertise: First impressions, trust, influence, sensory marketing, sales

Language(s): English, Swedish

To hire you, collaborate with you or buy from you - they first need to have "bought" you as a person. What is it that makes us trust and like people, brands or organizations?

Angela Ahola is a first impression and trust expert, one of the few professional keynote speakers in Scandinavia with a doctoral degree in psychology. She has also studied at Stockholm School of Economics to a certified life insurance broker with wealth management as her speciality.

Angela has delivered speeches at Swedbank, Bank Nordea, The Police Department, The Police Academy, Ticket, Folksam, Stockholm University, Easyfair, Konfex, and so on.

Entrepreneur is something she has been most of her adult life as well as working with sales. Angela is passionate about what it is that creates productive relations within the first seconds, the short critical timeframe that will determine if there at all will be a relationship. Also, what makes us choose one product in favor of another, feel confident with one organization and not another? Her speeches will teach you what it is that will give you the edge to stand out from the crowd, give you influence and know what builds trust. This knowledge is what it takes to build a future organization or a personal brand that is based on more than the current trends.

  • Doctor in Psychology
  • Certified Life Insurance Broker, Stockholm School of Economics
  • Background as a musician with a record deal
  • A number of appearances in Nordic Police-TV contexts
  • The Police Academy, Stockholm University, Bank Nordea, Swedbank, Folksam, JUSEK, Ticket, Easyfair, Finansförbundet are only a few of the places where Angela has been teaching
  • Academic publications
  • Researcher, writer, entrepreneur

More Speeches

  • First- and second impressions
  • What creates trust, influence, liking
  • Sensory marketing, perceptual psychology
  • Psychology of branding, image

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Participant Comments

„An excellent speaker with professional slides, just the right pace, brief, and fun.”

Göran Bryntse / European Renewable Energy Federation, EREF / Board Member

„I have had the privilege to listen to Angela on numerous occations over several years. She is a very professional and engaging speaker. With a great deal of humor she conveys her ideas that I can wholeheartedly recommend Angela as a speaker.”

Pirjo Kallio / Presenta of Scandinavia AB / Country Manager

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