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Armin Nagel

Comedy speaker, moderator
Service, service culture, motivation, humour, innovation
German, English

Service can be fun, too!

The comedian and moderator Armin Nagel (Waldemar Müller) already delighted the television audience of the TV channels SAT 1 and ZDF with his appearances. Being an expert for service culture and quality, the cultural scientist inspires his audience with his emotional and entertaining presentation. The lectures of the comedian Armin Nagel not only promise a lot of fun but also convey a huge amount of knowledge on the subject “Service”. „Laugh while learning“ that’s the motto here!

Süddeutsche Zeitung -

"A lot of fun for anyone struggling to get through your daily office work."

ZDF Reportage, "König Kunde" -

"Waldemar Müller (Armin Nagel) is Germany's first service comedian. He provides good examples of bad service and you realize: even managers can laugh about lousy service!"

SAT1 Weck up, "Kundenparadies oder Servicewüste" -

"Armed with a master plan to combat boredom, this man is out to bring more service to the proverbial desert. In fact, he puts a smile on everyone's face. The customer is king with Waldemar Müller (Armin Nagel). He makes customers happy and shows that Germany can also be a service paradise."

lectures by Armin Nagel

Your video clip - from the idea to the successful marketing instrument

Since 2006, Armin Nagel has been struggling for more service culture with the help of his alter ego “der Powerdienstleister” (power service provider). His video blog “Der Servicepionier” (the service pioneer) counts among the first such formats on German-language web TV. Some of his episodes are available on sueddeutsche.de and t-online.de, two websites with very wide coverage in Germany.


Armin Nagel is a comedy speaker, moderator and service expert with successful performances for more than ten years. Furiously entertaining and with unconventional means, Nagel conveys to domestic and international businesses what customers really want and shows them practical, playful ways to improve their service culture. The German TV station ZDF has called him ‘Germany’s first service comedian’.  

As a Global Topspeaker and service expert, comedian Armin Nagel creates a creative atmosphere that makes people see things from a fresh angle. His basic principle is ‘learn and laugh’, and his inspiring, unconventional style thrills not only global players, but also small and mid-sized businesses. The 90-minute stage programme ‘Service Is Sexy’ by Armin Nagel, has been nominated for the St. Ingberter Pfanne, one of the three major German cabaret awards, as well as the Conga Award for his.

Comedian Armin Nagel is also regularly on tour as a TV expert (e.g. for SAT 1, Weck Up and ZDF Reporter). With his web video format ‘Der Servicepionier’ (The Service Pioneer), he features new service ideas in his lone battle against the service wasteland. Upon request, Armin Nagel will develop and produce custom-made, on-target service video clips for your event and include it as highlight in his presentation - like the customized ‘carglass customer journey’ video, he had produced for a management conference of the company Carglass.

Comedian Armin Nagel is one of the few speakers who will also perform in the evening programme of your event, guaranteeing intelligent entertainment and roaring laughter. He will contribute not only to the professional, but also to the emotional success of your event.


  • Diploma in Cultural Studies from the Hoogeschool voor de Kunsten, Utrecht and the University of Hildesheim
  • teaching assignment in the field of Social Media Service at the ZHdK (Zurich University of the Arts)
  • teaching assignment in the field “Humor” at the Rostock University of Music and Drama
  • professional member of  the GSA (German Speakers Association)
  • listed in the Deutsches Rednerlexikon (German Encyclopedia of Speakers)
  • nominated for the Conga Award and the St. Ingberter Pfanne
  • TV expert for the programmes SAT1 Weck Up, ARD Titel Thesen Temperamente and ZDF Reporter
  • Web TV "Der Servicepionier" (The Service Pioneer) available as a video series on sueddeutsche.de and t-online.de
  • training as an actor at the British national Circus Theatre Schoon in Bristol and at the Ecole Philippe Gaulier in London
  • guest performances at the Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel Munich, Schauspiel Hannover and Theaterhaus Jena
  • Twenty years of professional experience as an actor and comedian with over 2000 live performances worldwide

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Keynote Speaker Armin Nagel