Brigitte Boesenkopf

Portrait of Global Topspeaker Dr. Brigitte Bösenkopf

Field(s) of expertise: Stress management, burnout prophylaxis, burnout-prevention, resilience

Language(s): German, English

„Back to the joy of life”

Global Topspeaker Dr. Brigitte Bösenkopf talks in her practical lectures about the correct handling of stress, how to avoid stress and how to be mentally and physically healthy at work. Dr. Brigitte Bösenkopf is a psychologist for major banks and supports victims of bank robbery. Those acute crisis situations, which often end in hostage-taking, are a shock moment for employees and very difficult to handle. The stress-expert supports during the coverage and provides the fitting crisis management for ideal regeneration.

As a psychologist and mediator Dr. Bösenkopf dedicated her career to prevention and helps other companies through small and big crisis situations of daily work. As founder of the stress centre in Vienna she teaches her patients how to be more resilient and assists in prevention of burn-out.

For several years Dr. Brigitte Bösenkopf is successful as a management trainer and burnout-expert in multiple companies. To prevent burnout in companies she cooperates with doctors to make sure every employee is able to handle crisis situations. Her major goal: Employees should live healthy and mentally well for a lifetime! To the Global Topspeaker the key for a healthy and stress-free life is resilience and prevention.

Being a psychologist and a journalist as well, the written and spoken word is rather important to Dr. Brigitte Bösenkopf. In her multiple lectures the expert for resilience managed to captivate the audience and inspire them with her charming “Viennese-style”. She is able to release self-awareness and energy in her audience. The resilience-expert is also a lecturer at the Donau university Krems in Austria and at the KMU-Academy.

In a memorable way the Global Topspeaker Dr. Brigitte Bösenkopf excites with individual and operational examples and shows which conditions are necessary to live mentally healthy, keep work-joy and handle stress.


  • Stress rating of managers and employees - healthy and successful with ´Biofeedback`
  • Burn-out prevention and acute mentoring in business companies
  • Mediation - the harmonic company family is an utopia

Additional information:

  • Senator in the senate of economy - Austria
  • Registered mediator
  • Lecturer at the educational college for mediation of Dr. Heidi Bernhart
  • Assistant professor at the Danube University in Krems
  • Lecturer at the KMU academy - Austria

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Participant Comments

„Wir möchten uns ganz herzlich bei Frau Dr. Bösenkopf bedanken, für ihre spannenden Themen und die interessanten Vorträge, die sie anlässlich unseres bwg-Seminar-FORUMS auf Schloss Faber Castell dargeboten hat. Die Zuhörer waren sehr zufrieden.”

Elsa Evers / bwg

Brigitte Bösenkopf notices that a joyful life is a technique which

stimulates our health, activates our self-healing process and therefore makes us more panic-proof.”

Pressetext Austria

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