Picture: Chris Harris

Occupation: Public Relations

Field(s) of expertise: Public Relations Specialist, Motivational, Crime Investigations, Product & Service Development

Language(s): English

Life can be an adventure, if you allow your mind to soar

Chris Harris long ago mastered the need to reach the emotional level in conveying a message when having to deal with the American and Foreign press. Through lectures across America in the late 1980’s Harris changed the way we promote a product or service proving that publicity was far more effective than advertising.

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The Associated Press gave Chris Harris the title “Public Relations Specialist.” For more than four decades, Chris Harris has captured the imagination of the press and the public when he was invited into the Zodiac Killings in Northern California. He earned the respect of law enforcement, politicians, and the press. The legendary Paul Avery from the San Francisco Chronicle always called Harris before going with a lead. To better understand the Charles Manson Family and the killings Chris Harris spent a year in Death Valley living with the former members and encouraged Paul Watkins second in command of the Family, to write the book “My Life with Charles Manson.” Chris Harris raised new interest into the death of Marilyn Monroe when he convinced his client a Beverly Hills, California antique dealer to put up $150,000 for the Marilyn Monroe Red Diary. Harris investigated her death for ten years reaching a conclusion that Marilyn Monroe did not die from an apparent suicide or overdose.

When Chris Harris talks about Walt Disney, a silence comes over the room. Harris is perhaps one of the few besides his wife and children who got a close-up look at the great animator. In 1993, Chris Harris was asked by family members to recall his memories of Walt Disney when the book "WALT DISNEY HOLLYWOOD’S DARK PRINCE" was written. Chris Harris tells the story of the Hollywood sign. Harris assisted in the unveiling of the new Hollywood sign in 1978 and is currently preparing to visit Los Angeles Sister Cites with the restored H of the original Hollywood Sign. Harris’s story of the history of the past and present day Hollywood Sign is compelling.

Chris Harris begins each lecture with a motivational outreach to the audience. He believes that taking an interest in life and allowing our imaginations to travel, we can live a more fulfilling life. He has the ability to inspire and to make the individual feel as if they are part of the story he is telling. A member of a Royal Family saw him on a video talking about the Hollywood sign, and he welled up with tears. When Harris is speaking, he likes to stroll across the stage and into the audience, in doing so he brings a very personal touch to his story whether about Walt Disney or Marilyn Monroe. In the early 1970’s Chris Harris was a motivational speaker. He charged people with the ability to believe in themselves. Those lectures were so effective it captured the interest of many prominent religious leaders who came to hear his inspiring message of “LET IT BEGIN WITH ME.”  The legendary actress Mae West once said she had heard it all that was until she met Chris Harris. Harris does not mind being interrupted during a speech. He always has a microphone available if a member of the audience wants to interrupt him. I guess you would say Chris Harris does not place himself above the audience when he is delivering a speech. 


  • The Native American Heritage Award (2004)                                                             Presented by the Costanoan Rumsen Carmel Tribe of California  
  • The Angel Award (1995)                                                                                    Presented by actress Sharon Stone on behalf of her charity Planet Hope  
  • The Outstanding Citizens Award (1996)                                                               Presented by The Classroom on Wheels

More Speeches

  • The Zodiac Killer: Gave a fresh approach into the Killings of the Zodiac Killer that was respected by law enforcement, politicians, and the press.
  • Walt Disney: Gained a personal insight for over a year into his life that only in the immediate family was privy to.
  • Marilyn Monroe: Conducted a ten year investigation that without question proved Marilyn Monroe did not commit suicide.
  • Paul Watkins and the Manson Family: Over a ten year period fully understood why young intelligent teenagers followed Charles Manson.
  • Hollywood Stories: Chris Harris gives a personal insight into everyone from Hedy Lamarr to Sharon Stone.
  • The Hollywood Sign: No one living today can tell the real story of the Hollywood Sign like Chris Harris

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Participant Comments

„When Chris speaks whether about Walt Disney or the Zodiac Killer you can feel the emotion in each and every word.”

Bill Mack / Erin Taylor Editions / World’s Leading Relief Sculptor

„Your speech raised the funds necessary to begin the new Maimonides Academy, Chris has a way of taking the listener on a journey that people feel a part of.”

Rabbi Baruch Kupfer / Maimonides Academy / Executive Director

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