David Deeble

Entertainer, comedian, conférencier
Motivation, humor, magic, stand-up comedy

An Unnatural Act

As a comedian, speaker, magician, juggler and emcee all in one 5'5" frame, David Deeble has been called "pound for pound the funniest man alive".
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University of Mary Alumni Association -

„David Deeble is the best performer that we have had in the 24-year history of the University of Mary Summertime Stampede.”

John Tate - Golf Design

„We gave David a very demanding task: to be hilarious AND on-message. He gets an A+!”

lectures by David Deeble

An unnatural act

In addition to being a speaker and comedian, David is the creator of "An Unnatural Act" - a whirlwind display of exotic skills with laugh-out-loud commentary. He kicks coins into his eye socket, extinguishes flaming marshmallows with his mouth and - as if that weren't enough - accompanies it all with hilarious asides: "All that talent and I'm also a notary.


With appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Last Comic Standing and America's Got Talent!, David is a multi-tool comedy dynamo with two decades of making events hilarious, successful and memorable. With his seamless blend of razor-sharp wit and contagious goofiness, David makes people laugh about virtually everything under the sun. Whether it's life's little annoyances (airport security, pop-up windows, New York) or the roller coaster that is family life, three currents run through it all: his natural likability, command of the audience and laugh-out-loud material. 

David's "Unnatural Act" is a laugh-out-loud, whirlwind display of exotic skills. Whether it's juggling plastic grocery sacks in slow motion or kicking coins into his eye socket, David's how-does-he-think-this-stuff-up skills are always accompanied by his wry commentary and self-deprecating humor. 

Companies increasingly find themselves working within an international milieu which breeds cultural confusion, mistaken assumptions and unsanitary cooking surfaces - and that's just the good news. Since 2008, David Deeble has been part of an international team dedicated to the economic, personal and emotional development of its members: he married a German! Whether it's learning to drive as fast as his wife does in reverse or being scolded by his bilingual 3-year old over his inability to say "schleichen", David's funny, surprising and sometimes-exasperating stories of being tied by blood and marriage to people from a different culture brings laughter of recognition that makes merely working with them seem easy in comparison.

David is also the creator of "An Unnatural Act" - a whirlwind display of exotic skills with laugh-out-loud commentary. David kicks coins into his eye socket and extinguishes flaming marshmallows with his mouth while accompanying it all with his irrepressible wry humor: "All that talent and I'm also a notary". Best known for his grocery-sack-juggling routine on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", he is also a regular at "The Magic Castle" in Hollywood. His engaging style, intelligent humor and use audience participation spread grease-fire laughter at world-class venues around the world.

In addition to his stand-up and comedy variety show, David breaks the ice at corporate events with two hilarious, inspiring - and hilarious inspiring talks:

  • An American in Germany
  • In the same laugh-out-loud, quick-witted style of his stand-up, David explores both the joys and the hair-pulling experiences of being an American in Germany. From driving to taxes, from German beer to German wives, Dave's travelogue of stories makes being a stranger in a strange land funnier than ever.
  • Winning with a bad hand
  • In this fascinating, funny and inspiring talk, David recounts how a career-threatening arm injury - and a lot of reflection - inspired him to abandon his quest to become the best juggler in the world and to focus on being the funniest. 

The native speaker David takes audiences on a journey through the run-of-the-mill cause of his injury - riding a tall unicycle through a doorway - and learn how obstacles (with an admixture of grit, patience and resourcefulness) led him to create one of the most original one-man comedy shows in the world.

 David Deeble

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