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Dominik Neidhart

Sailing professional, winner of the America`s Cup
Sailing, team, management, leadership, motivation
German, English, French

"Go hard or go home!"

Awesome victories and chastening defeats: Sailing professional Dominik Neidhart has experienced both. Three times he participated in the America's Cup - the most prestigious and challenging sailing competition of the world. In New Zealand his team Alinghi celebrated an unexpected and passionate victory - as outside broker. The further Swissman handball professional player and ex-medicine student was responsible for the role of the "grinder" on the Alinghi - as fast as possible he had to put the sail by cranking into the right direction. Without clear communication, discipline and strength not possible. On board you have to evidence the ability to work in a team, to get along with people from different cultures on a very tight space and to lean on each other.

Andreas Fischer - Schindler AG

"The lecture 'go hard or go home' captivated me from the first word. It shows the direction in which clear and unmistakable, goal-oriented leadership is needed today. The realistic lecture by Dominik Neidhart describes excitingly how the Americaʻs Cup can only be won, together in a team, hard, disciplined and with a strong-willed training. No different than today in the current competitive markets."

Alexander Wüerst - Kreissparkasse Köln

"Your keynote presentation at our annual kick-off this year made a lasting impression not only on me, but also on our executives."

Svenja Burkart - Management Circle AG

"A rousing, impressive, picture-rich and very entertaining lecture, which perfectly complemented our conference with 200 experts from the real estate industry in Munich. Without exception, we received positive feedback from the participants, because in the view over the edge of the plate with Dominik Neidhart, everyone finds themselves, their team or company and their daily challenges again."

lectures by Dominik Neidhart

Go hard or go home!

Few people are truly aware of the extreme situations a team on a high-technology racing yacht can get into when left to their own devices on the ocean at the mercy of tough weather conditions. There is probably no challenge as great, no challenge in which the success or failure of the whole attempt depends so much on the skills, the capability, the reliability and the mutual trust of every single member of the team.


On the sea Neidhart learnt plenty: a little mistake of one person can bring the whole team into danger. Sense of responsibility and fun in teamwork and the awareness of being an important part of the whole, appreciation for the other team members and their function as well as an assignment of tasks and the overwhelming will for winning were the factors that made the team so successful.

Global Topspeaker Dominik Neidhart transfers his experience from sailing onto employees - and leader teams in business units. As owner of an consulting agency he knows the following: everybody who wants to head a team has to know the method and the aim, needs to make great demands on each team member and on himself and has to be aware of his role always. His lecture „go hard or go home!“ shows lively Neidhart`s five step concept from the challenger to the winning type, illustrates the most important factors for an outstanding team and the cornerstones for an effective cooperation. 

Neidhart`s enthusiasm for his sport and his topic is catching. His style of lecturing is affected by ease and charm and illustrates - besides impressive pictures - common success and unlimited exultation as well as lived values, leader personality, knowledge management and communication culture. In whole Europe Neidhart is acclaimed therefore.

Keynote Speaker Dominik Neidhart