Verhandlungsexperte Friedhelm Wachs.

Occupation: MBA (International Management), Diploma in Political Science

Field(s) of expertise: Successful negotiations, set goals, lobbying, negotiating prices

Language(s): German, English, French

Your attitude determines your success - nothing else.

Friedhelm Wachs is an excellent strategy consultant to CEOs, CFOs and COOs as well as Prime Ministers and Governmental Leaders. He is specialized in Negotiation, Leadership, Strategy, Change, Crisis, Sales, Distribution and Communications and knows not only to perform but to motivate his audience. He supports more than 25 years companies and governments to achieve their negotiation objectives, both at the bargaining table and in the background, teaches at various business schools, creating one of the few experts in the field, bridge the gap between a rapidly evolving research and a more complex practice.

Global Top Speaker Friedhelm Wachs has extensive experience in working with high potentials as an educator and teaches in Asia, India, the Americas and EMEA. He is an International Training Fellow and Faculty of the JCI University (USA, Japan), teaches among other universities on International Management at HHL - Leipzig Graduate School of Management (Germany), which is rated as the top level private business school in Germany. It´s Negotiation Program is related to the Harvard University Programs (Business and Law School). He is a Member of the Advisory Board of HHL. In his research he has focused on theory and practice of negotiation particularly in international settings as well as on the theory and applications of decision making routines in management science. 

Keynote speaker Friedhelm Wachs is able to combine expertise in a unique way to transfer to a large auditorium as well as a small circle at executive board or a sales team. With his stage presence and his voice and spoke pictures he is the Germany No. 1 expert in negotiating your audience. 

In 2011 Friedhelm Wachs received the 5 Sterne Redner Award in the category ‘Most Wanted App’.

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Participant Comments

„Participants cited ‚the interactive nature of the presentation’ as one of the things they liked best about the event, along with the ‚interesting take on how to negotiate.’ The overall event received a rating of 8.22, which is excellent in relation to other events. We hope to have Mr. Wachs in our chapter for another event in the future and recommend him strongly.”

Adil Husain / Entrepreneurs' Organization / Communications Chair - Shanghai Chapter

„The manner of your speech enthused myself, your hints and tricks

provided the decisive winning margin for my negotiations. I will

recommend you definitely.”

Michael Blank / Karow & Blank GmbH, Leverkusen / Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter

Satisfied Customers

  • Air Liquide
  • DZ Bank
  • EnBW
  • Hansen und Heinrich
  • Helfrecht
  • Hornbach
  • JCI
  • Network Financial Planner
  • RWE
  • Schmidt Colleg

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