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Harald Psaridis

Network marketing expert, entrepreneur
Network marketing, direct marketing, sales, leadership
German, English

You cannot „manage” people through a dark forest, you can only lead them through it!

It is the world’s fastest growing selling scheme and he knows its secrets: Harald Psaridis is THE expert on network marketing. Over a period of more than 20 years, the successful entrepreneur and Global Topspeaker has developed the largest network for financial services in Europe. With his know-how and decades of experience, he now supports companies all over the world in developing new sales structures based on network marketing. He is familiar with the processes and core skills required to become successful with this field.

Christoph Bärfuss - Zürich Versicherung Schweiz

"From the very beginning I was captivated by his enthusiasm and his winning personality. With Harald Psaridis, you can feel in every word that he himself has already tested and executed what was presented a thousand times. He is the absolutely authentic top speaker!"

Roxana Chichirau - BCR Banca Romania

„[...] He exceeded all our expectations and thanks to him, our event was a spectacular success. The participants have never experienced anything like this before and the feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. Everyone left the room with sparkling eyes, a smile on their face, motivated, focused and with a different approach an all aspects of life. [...] Thank you Harald Psaridis, working with you was a dream!”

Christian Furrer - Basler Versicherung Schweiz

"Harald Psaridis has fully ignited in me my talent and passion for people and the subject of sales; I have learned that I myself am responsible for my goal achievement and positive experiences. Harald Psaridis does not pay lip service to the fact that people are the center of attention. He has made it possible for my vision to become an event thanks to goal and time orientation - not in my role as a manager, but as a leader. My success rate in the areas of leading, recruiting, sales and goal achievement have increased enormously. The coaching content and explanations of Harald Psaridis accompany me not only in my notes, but in my daily actions and actions - the next appointments are booked!"

lectures by Harald Psaridis

leading successfully in direct and network marketing

With network marketing expert Harald Psaridis you will get THE specialist on leadership in direct marketing and MLM for your event. In one of the toughest industries, he made it to the very top with his organisation. Within a period of 22 years, he succeeded in building one of Europe’s leading financial service providers. During this time, he conducted more than 10,000 job interviews, developed and empowered more than 300 executives, consulted more than 100,000 customers with a sales force of 2,500 employees and generated a total volume of more than 5.5 billion Euros. In one word: He successfully set an example. Nowadays, he passes on his know-how to the audience of his captivating insider presentations.

the secrets of network marketing

In a period of more than 20 years, the entrepreneur Harald Psaridis built and managed Europe’s largest network marketing organisation in his sector of trade – financial services. Nowadays, he advises and consults network marketing companies all over the world. In his fascinating presentation, the Global Topspeaker reveals the secrets of his success and also the secrets of the world’s best network marketers. He provides amazing insights into the world’s fastest growing sales scheme, where well over 100 million people are working as entrepreneurs today and annual sales of almost 200 billion dollars are generated worldwide. The entrepreneur Harald Psaridis demonstrates how – based on the right know-how – anybody can establish their own business and, without a doubt, develop it successfully.

With the right attitude towards success in network marketing

If you want to be successful in network marketing long-term, you need to be stronger mentally than the average person in order to be able to continuously set yourself new goals and to also achieve them. Global Topspeaker Harald Psaridis is one of the world’s best networkers and has internalised the industry’s techniques and success strategies. In his benefit-oriented presentation, the expert on leadership and marketing demonstrates how to train your power of action and to accomplish even the biggest goals.

how to get off to a good start in network marketing

The first days are crucial in network marketing: In his fascinating presentation, Global Topspeaker Harald Psaridis explains what it takes to build up a network and how to avoid typical rookie mistakes. For what started out wrong when opening a business can never be made right. Therefore, the first steps are the critical ones in multi-level marketing and need to be executed flawlessly. The expert on network marketing therefore gives essential support and always speaks from his own experience as a successful networker.


Harald Psaridis’s rise is the best example of an exceptional career: He made it from apprentice to highly successful, self-employed networker. Following his apprenticeship in the catering industry he became an entrepreneur in the financial services sector. Many leading European finance companies owe the development of their well-functioning network marketing structures to him. At the same time, Psaridis studied at Anthony Robbins University and Danube University Krems. By now, Harald Psaridis coaches companies’ executives on leadership and – along with his great role model Eric Worre – is one of the most influential networkers in the world. His expertise and his performance as a seller are unrivaled and convince by distinctiveness, clarity and sustainability.

In his capacity as an expert on network marketing, Harald Psaridis is in great demand internationally: With his presentations and seminars, the network marketing expert has already inspired and motivated thousands of people in over 20 countries of the world. The sought-after keynote speaker convinces with his charisma and provides sustainable impetus for action. From Harald Psaridis, even those who are not born doers will be able to learn methods through which the ability to put things into practice can effectively be trained and developed. He provides future network marketers with the proper mindset and the essential skills required to start up their own companies – even without huge amounts of seed capital. Furthermore, the brilliant speaker demonstrates how to build up one’s own network step by step and what kind of effective technologies there are in direct marketing to acquire customers.

To Harald Psaridis network marketing is a H2H (human to human) business – as business is always conducted between people. This human component is a critical success factor in actively convincing others to buy. In his fascinating presentations and based on his personal experience, Harald Psaridis therefore also talks about how – as a leader in network marketing – to find suitable business partners for your top teams, train them and keep them in the long term.

 Harald Psaridis

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