Jan Berger

Jan Berger begeistert als Referent, Zukunftsforscher und Historiker.

Occupation: Trend researcher, futurologist, CEO 2b AHEAD Ventures

Field(s) of expertise: Disruptive Business Models, Artificial Intelligence, Future of HR, Slavic Studies

Language(s): German, English, Russian

„An innovation is only good if you make money with it.”

Trend researcher Jan Berger is CEO of Europe’s most innovative future institute, the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank and managing director of a well-known start-up. He supports start-up teams to get started with forward-looking business ideas and makes both medium-sized companies and large corporations fit for the future. As a keynote speaker, the trend researcher will inspire his audience with his well-founded business know-how and his fascinating knowledge of the future, preparing them for the technological and social changes of the future.

As CEO, trend researcher Jan Berger at 2b AHEAD is responsible for the growth strategy of Germany’s leading future institute and its marketing. At 2b Ahead he is the first point of contact for all customers and cooperation partners. In addition, the studied historian and Slavist is managing director of the company’s own company builder 2b AHEAD Ventures, which assists companies and founders in the development and introduction of disruptive business models. As a trend researcher in this position, he deals with issues such as the use of artificial intelligence and other digital innovation in the work world of the future. Trend researcher Jan Berger also examines how social developments such as demographic change and the shortage of skilled workers affect corporate areas such as HR, recruiting and personnel work, and what strategic solutions are available.

Before the futurology institute 2b AHEAD ThinkTank in Leipzig became his new home, Jan Berger spent many years travelling the world and living on different countries, twelve of them in Russia. He has held management positions in international companies in the U.S., Denmark and South Africa and has managed successful projects as a manager. During this time, trend researcher Jan Berger gained a lot of experience in industry knowledge in publishing, media, consulting, finance and sales. Most recently, he led a Fintech start-up, which develops credit software for the real estate sector and has received several awards for its innovative solutions.

Global Topspeaker and trend researcher Jan Berger provides background information in his forward-looking lectures. As a keynote speaker, he will not only present ground-breaking innovations, but he will also vividly explain the social developments and entrepreneurial personalities behind them.

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