Kai Arne Gondlach

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Occupation: Futurologist, senior researcher

Field(s) of expertise: Digitisation, future, disruption, inspiration

Language(s): German, English

The future doesn’t just happen, the future is created!

Do not believe in any mega trends! Although this statement may sound a bit strange coming from a trend researcher, it was said in all seriousness: Kai Arne Gondlach was a senior researcher with the biggest trend research institute in Europe’s German speaking countries. He continuously tracks down the upcoming trends and the disruptions of the coming years – without a crystal ball but with scientific methodology. Possible futures are his passion and the people that create them, his daily partners in discussions and meetings.

Kai Gondlach, born in 1987, is one of Germany’s first academic futurologists. He asks the deciding and frequently uncomfortable questions about the future and looks for answers in meetings and discussions with the world’s most important decision-makers on innovations. How will our living environments in smart homes and smart cities feel like? What is demographic change and a life expectancy of considerably more than 100 years really about? What trends and disruptions will shape your industry sector in the coming ten years and what new customer requirements will you have to meet? What kind of technologies have long since been „state of the art“ in your industry and which ones will be ready for the market in the next years – and why? Will we still be working in times of artificial intelligence and if so, in what kind of environment? What will the ultimate implications be if cars no longer feature a steering wheel and machines do have legal liability?

Gondlach’s presentations build a scientifically sound bridge between science fiction and what is already in the cards for our future today. Entertaining, surprising and in-depth. Baffling research results, swift changes of media and times, subtle punch lines – the futurologist truly captivates the audience with his particular blend of scientific facts, visionary thinking and fast-paced multi-media effects. He is the dynamic counterpart of formal frontal lectures. However, his interest in futurology does not mean he has his head in the clouds. To the contrary, Gondlach always focuses on practical use. His motto is: „Future is a matter of perspective!“ And how the future might look like is what he lets his audience experience first-hand.

Being a lateral thinker and visionary, Global Topspeaker Kai Arne Gondlach thinks way far outside the box and studies how and in which direction our ever more digital society is going to develop. Apart from university, the futurologist accumulated the tools for this studies and lectures during numerous practical assignments in various companies. He is a sociologist and political scientist and in this capacity has analysed social phenomena in scientific projects. With his study “Unternehmensnachfolge in Berlin 2030“ (Corporate succession in Berlin in 2030) and his master thesis „Kostenloser ÖPNV: Utopie oder plausible Zukunft?” (Public transportation free of charge: utopia or a plausible future?), he created a stir that even reached the political stage in Berlin. In addition to his scientific career, he has been designing websites and online shops for companies on a freelance basis since he was 19 and also advised these businesses on IT issues. He worked for several consulting offices in PR, Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Affairs and dealt with the strategic organisation development in a large mobility corporation.

Afterwards, he built up the marketing and innovation management of a Berlin-based start-up company in the publishing sector. Trend researcher Kai Arne Gondlach is a modern Enlightenment philosopher who keeps his feet firmly on the ground, a trend scout with an extensive network. One thing becomes obvious in the Global Topspeaker’s lively presentations: We are all part of the future and are actively engaged in shaping it. And so, utopia is no longer un-thinkable but becomes tangible. Everything goes hand in hand – today, we all are setting the foundation of what our world will look like one day.

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