Picture: Kell Ryan

Occupation: Founder member of Ryanair

Field(s) of expertise: Marketing, international growth, leadership, innovation

Language(s): English

With over forty years of extensive airline experience Kell Ryan is known as expert in the aviation field, mainly with Ryanair. His knowledge covers several sectors such as operations, customer service training, marketing, sales public relations and media communications.

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His first 24 years Kell worked for the Irish national airline Aer Lingus having been responsible for all operations, passenger and other airline handling contracts at London Heathrow Airport. He also had the position of Director Ground Operations, Sales and Marketing/PR, Customer Service.

He became part of Ryanair in its embryonic stage. The company was conceived by Dr T.A. Ryan, Kell's older brother. With the aim of revolutionising and changing air travel within Europe, Ryanair made air travel affordable to all and changed the way society works. Kell Ryan was responsible for the crucial transfer of establishing Ryanair to the then little known airport Stansted and then spent multiple years primarily marketing and promoting Ryanair within Europe. He is proud of having been a pioneering member of a team that has changed travel within Europe to the extent that in 1985 Ryanair carried 5000 passengers and in 2008 it carried 79 million passengers.

Now Global Topspeaker Kell Ryan is involved with many European tourism panels. As persuasive advocate of higher education, the native speaker is currently occupied with universities in Ireland, England, Germany and in the United States of America where he is also on the advisory board for the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

In Kell's keynotes the audience can feel the enthusiasm he passes his knowledge of Aviation and Tourism with. He gives an insight into Ryanair's success on the change of aviation in Europe, how it managed the change process, business culture, motivation, leadership, and most importantly of all for any company the unrelenting control of costs.

Ryanair's business model for revolutionised air travel is fascinating. This industry had not varied in 75 years and Kell illustrates the methods the company initiated to become the first low cost carrier in Europe and now the largest. Many airlines have tried to copy Ryanair but none was that successful.

As an international speaker Kell has given lectures in both formal and relaxed venues with numbers ranging from 25 to 500 delegates. NCR, McKinsey, The Retail 100 Club (UK’s top CEO and CFO), McKinsey, Fujitsu and Tetra Pak are among the companies who have benefited from his huge knowledge just to name a few. In his speeches you get to know one of the grand business success stories of the past decade.

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