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Martin Theyer

Speaker, Finance expert
Corporate Governance, how the world of finance ticks
German, English

It is a great advantage to understand those mistakes we can learn from as early as possible.

Martin Theyer is a graduate in business administration and a financial expert. After years of intensive research in the USA (Wharton), Switzerland (IMD) and in London (London Business School) not to mention work by a number of his students on the subject, he developed the Tsunami model to help understand and draw conclusions about the current financial crisis. He was head of corporate development at the Volksbank AG in Vienna from 2006-2009 and thus worked in the ‘eye of the storm’. His strengths lie in scenario planning, which is now the focus of his consultancy work.

Maria Hagleitner - Kulturring Velden

"Martin Theyer spoke competently and engagingly, impressing with confidence and personality. With clear language and some humor, he presented a factual topic in a comprehensible and excellent way. An evening with a lasting effect. We are very much looking forward to the next lecture."

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"Martin Theyer, Corporate Finance Strategy Manager of Shell Petroleum International in London, shared his experience with crises with the seminar participants using the topic 'Strengthening your position through the crisis'. He made clear what really matters to turn crisis cases into success stories again."

lectures by Martin Theyer

Lost confidence - the tsunami model of the financial crisis

We are experiencing the greatest financial crisis of the 21st Century. More and more people get affected and lose confidence in the current economic system. How did it come to these developments?


He has worked since 1st June 2010 as Director for Strategy Development and Communication at AT&S, the largest printed circuit board manufacturer in Europe. AT&S is a global player with factories in Austria, India, China and Korea as well as having a sales network which encompasses 4 continents and employs approximately 5500 people.

In addition he advises companies in all matters relating to finance strategy and works as a crisis manager and strategic consultant. He spent 12 years working at Shell – including 3 years in London – which provided him with international management training. Since 2001 Martin Theyer has also given lectures on corporate governance, private equity and assistance with company turnarounds.

Martin Theyer uses the Tsunami model to provide a stimulating analysis of the financial crisis. He shows to what extent regulatory measures can make sense and what destructive forces drive both a Tsunami and a financial crisis. His presentation is authentic and exciting and displays a genuine love of detailed knowledge. Martin Theyer is able to untangle complex connections and make them universally accessible.

His presentation entitled ‘Lost confidence’ provides us with a fresh perspective on the most significant financial crisis of the 21st century. This crisis appeared to break unexpectedly over the financial world, but has long been embedded in the real economy. The presentation is something of a financial detective story providing both insights and the prospect of successful countermeasures.


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 Martin Theyer

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