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Maxim Mankevich

MBA, innovation expert
success, ingenuity, innovation, motivation, learning
German, English, Russian, Spanish

"Take ONE good idea. Invest a lot of work. Experience miracles."

When there is magic in the air and it seems like the air would vibrate, then it could be because of Maxim Mankevich. The Keynote Speaker about innovations fascinates thousand listeners and fans in multiple countries. His lectures, which his audience leaves filled with motivation and thirst for action, deal with livelong learning or infinite possibilities to absorb knowledge. Mankevich’s trademark: the clever conjunction of the history of old geniuses and their innovations like Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso or Thomas Edison, mixed with scientific knowledge about the psychology of learning which is applicable in this day and age. This method of the in Siberia born speaker will induce an exceptional atmosphere which will capture your imagination.

Michael Jozeb -

"You made me realize today that every second of my life is unique and I appreciate it so incredibly now. You gave me a new lease on life today and I say that from the bottom of my heart. You are such an incredible person that I count you as one of my life changers. Thank you for your time and thank you for existing!"

Tramy Do -

"Two days of happiness and tears with great new people goes by. Incredibly enriching seminar by Maxim. I am so overwhelmed and happy to have had this experience. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Maxim for existing, for your work, your inspiration and your advice! You are a great trainer/coach and most of all person!"

Vanessa Ludwig -

"Success Master was for me a journey to myself - and to my innermost fears and blocks. Maxim managed to create an atmosphere among all the participants that made it easy to open up and take away so many new ideas and practical tools. I walked out of the weekend a better version of myself."

Michael Rabolt -

"Maxim is a super role model. He does what he says. The combination between his drive & his broad knowledge make him authentic and likeable as an expert. It's almost uncanny how the energy flows inside you after an event with Maxim!"

Tobias Beck -

"Maxim is one of my mentors because he gives his incredible knowledge in a condensed and understandable way to his participants. He is very inspiring and combines wisdom from the brightest minds of all time into concepts that work in the here and now to positively change one's own future. Above all, Maxim is an original and different from the crowd. A distinctive guy who touches, changes and thinks outside the box."

lectures by Maxim Mankevich

Boundless genius - international successful

Ingenuity has no borders. Already centuries ago, when our ways of communication did not exist, it was possible to cross geographic borders to complete ideas, developments and inventions and to spread them around the world. Global Topspeaker Maxim Mankevich exemplifies in his exciting lecture “Boundless genius – international successful” through multiple examples of old geniuses like Ferdinand Magellan, Christoph Columbus, Charles Darwin or Alexander von Humboldt, how the successful spread of inspiring ideas in an international context works.

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the secrets of geniuses

We all know, how it feels when some things don’t work out the way they should and we can’t find the reason or secret behind this failure. We instantly doubt us, we doubt our ideas, sometimes we even doubt our mind. We are frustrated and incredibly angry. Why did this idea not work out? Global Topspeaker Maxim Mankevich shows in his motivating lecture “The secretes of geniuses”, what the famous explorers, thinkers and artists like Leonardo da Vici, Aristoteles or Picasso did, to make sure that their ideas work, and we still benefit from those ideas today. He tells fascinating story in which he combines the history and secrets of geniuses und mixes them with scientific knowledge about learning. In this lecture, you are going to learn, how to achieve great ideas and receive long term success.

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Brilliant minds of geniuses

Some people seem to be able to do and know everything. Those allrounders achieve things other people in our society can only dream of. But there is one fact: The amount of allrounders is limited. Still we have one question: How can we adapt this creative way of thinking to develop ideas and innovations? Another fact: Without ideas and innovations there will be no progress. Global Topspeaker and Social Media-Star Maxim Mankevich shows in his inspiring lecture “Brilliant minds of geniuses” what and how we can learn from old geniuses. Mankevich shatters the illusion of big innovators and intellectuals and proves, that in everyone of us has the potential to be a genius. His big mental role model: the artist, architect and engineer Leonardo da Vinci.

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Learn throughout life - life-long ingenious

To be life long ingenious, body and mind must study and be inquisitive. Especially the ongoing flood of media and the increasing digitalisation make is necessary to have one’s finger on the pulse of time. Global Topspeaker Maxim Mankevich shows in his inspiring lecture “Learn throughout life – life-long ingenious” how to process information’s to knowledge and how to always keep pace with the exponential progress to benefit from it for life time using the examples of old geniuses like Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Michelangelo or Thomas Edison.

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Didactically experienced, Mankevich uses his enormous knowledge to carry off his audience into the old geniuses’ world. Therefore he got distinguished to be Germany’s and Austria’s best speaker in 2017. He proves in his lectures that it is possible to experience miracles with a good idea, willpower and a specific knowledge strategy.

Mankevich himself is the best proof for that: His initial desired career, being an actor as his mother is, ended after being rejected from the Ernst Busch-Acting School in Berlin, where he moved when he was 12 years old. Instead, he studied business administration and started to work in consulting. He recognized fast that he had to change his life in order to be successful. Mankevich read over 3.200 books and visited over 700 workshops in the last 15 years. He performs regularly on big stages in front of CEO’s and entertains over 350 people per event.

By now Maxim Mankevich influences over 5 million people via social media per month. His lectures have been visited by over 5000 people. He manages to develop his statement with clear and memorable words to make sure everyone in the room gets what he is saying. He gives answers on how to perform better, shoot for higher goals or live a more relaxed life. He definitely knows how to add value to his lectures and value his audience.

Get inspired by the lectures of Maxim Mankevich and his remarkable charming manner and dive into the magical world of wisdom and learning.

 Maxim Mankevich

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