Maxim Mankevich

Erfahren Sie mehr über 5 Sterne Redner Maxim Mankevich auf seinem Profil.

Occupation: MBA, innovation expert

Field(s) of expertise: success, ingenuity, innovation, motivation, learning

Language(s): German, English, Russian, Spanish

"Take ONE good idea. Invest a lot of work. Experience miracles."

When there is magic in the air and it seems like the air would vibrate, then it could be because of Maxim Mankevich. The Keynote Speaker about innovations fascinates thousand listeners and fans in multiple countries. His lectures, which his audience leaves filled with motivation and thirst for action, deal with livelong learning or infinite possibilities to absorb knowledge. Mankevich’s trademark: the clever conjunction of the history of old geniuses and their innovations like Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso or Thomas Edison, mixed with scientific knowledge about the psychology of learning which is applicable in this day and age. This method of the in Siberia born speaker will induce an exceptional atmosphere which will capture your imagination.

Didactically experienced, Mankevich uses his enormous knowledge to carry off his audience into the old geniuses’ world. Therefore he got distinguished to be Germany’s and Austria’s best speaker in 2017. He proves in his lectures that it is possible to experience miracles with a good idea, willpower and a specific knowledge strategy.

Mankevich himself is the best proof for that: His initial desired career, being an actor as his mother is, ended after being rejected from the Ernst Busch-Acting School in Berlin, where he moved when he was 12 years old. Instead, he studied business administration and started to work in consulting. He recognized fast that he had to change his life in order to be successful. Mankevich read over 3.200 books and visited over 700 workshops in the last 15 years. He performs regularly on big stages in front of CEO’s and entertains over 350 people per event.

By now Maxim Mankevich influences over 5 million people via social media per month. His lectures have been visited by over 5000 people. He manages to develop his statement with clear and memorable words to make sure everyone in the room gets what he is saying. He gives answers on how to perform better, shoot for higher goals or live a more relaxed life. He definitely knows how to add value to his lectures and value his audience.

Get inspired by the lectures of Maxim Mankevich and his remarkable charming manner and dive into the magical world of wisdom and learning.

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