Norman Buecher

Extremsportler Norman Bücher startet sein Lebensprojekt 7 Continents

Occupation: Graduate in Business Administration, Sports Marketing Manager

Field(s) of expertise: Motivational speaker, endurance runner, adventurer

Language(s): German, English

Break through your limits – Limits exist where human imagination ends.

Whether desert, jungle or mountain: Norman Buecher does not shrink from any challenge. The extreme sportsman and motivator proves this with his daring challenges: endurance runner Norman Buecher pushes his limits in his extreme runs. To perform at such a high level, extraordinary willpower and willingness to take risks are required. These characteristics make the extreme sportsman and runner of several ultra-marathons Norman Buecher, combined with his experience as an entrepreneur and business economist, a sought-after motivation expert.

Norman Buecher is an extreme sportsman with body and soul. At the age of 22, he started his journey of becoming an endurance runner with his first marathon, only to successfully compete in of the toughest mountain runs in Europe, the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, almost 7 years later. The adventurer takes on daring challenges in extreme sports and competes in the most difficult marathons and ultramarathons in the world. As a graduated sports marketing manager, management consultant, Reiss Profile Master, graduate business economist as well as sports and fitness trainer, he has an immense know-how in sport and business, which he incorporates into his lectures.

The composition of experience for many years in extreme sports and his economical knowledge constitute the uniqueness of its exciting and benefit-rich lectures. Extreme sportsman Norman Buecher has the gift as a speaker to convey his extraordinary wealth of experience to the audience with competence, passion and rhetorical skill. Also in its numerous books life “Extrem: Die Macht des Willens” or “Abenteuer Motivation: Lebensimpulse des Extremläufers Norman Bücher“ on topics like motivation and willpower show the authority and enthusiasm ability of the sportsman.

In his lectures, the extreme athlete succeeds in telling the audience how much extreme sport has in common with work and everyday life. Motivational expert Norman Buecher shows in his lectures overwhelming photos of him from all over the world during his top sporting performances. The extreme sportsman Norman Buecher is one of the top experts when it comes to extreme sports and the corporate world. Because of his top performances, the Global Topspeaker is very often the subject of numerous media reports and with his visually stunning motivational speeches he is a guest at universities and colleges. For his outstanding achievements, also outside of the speaker scene, the extreme sportsman received the Global Topspeaker award in the category “Special Award”.

But the extreme runner is not only an expert in the business and sports world, he also finds the right words to inspire young people. In 2019 he started his heart project “7 CONTINENTS” and wants to make an impact on the future of children and young adults all over the world as an endurance runner and youth ambassador. For more than 7 years the youth ambassador runs around the world, collects voices of children on highly topical issues and presents them to the UN General Assembly. The endurance runner combines these exciting and motivating experiences in his youth lecture and gives the young people impulses that have a long-term effect and make them fit for life.


  • The secret behind top performances
  • Success-orientated work in sport and at work
  • Mental training for “extreme” projects
  • Reiss Profile Master

Event support:

  • Mental training for athletes and managers
  • Personal training or training support

More Speeches

  • Your sixth sense - reaching your limits in sport and how to use that experience successfully

  • Using willpower to strengthen motivation and achieve peak performance

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Participant Comments

„Good evening Mr Bücher and many thanks once again for your valuable presentation in Stuttgart last week. Truly wonderful.”

Katja Stieghorst / manager-lounge leaders network / Director Customer, Events and Network

„Thank you very much for your interesting visit to our senior

executives’ meeting. The presentation you gave on ‘Breaking through your

Limits’ was very well received by all our participants. Your

spellbinding tales and the images you showed of your adventures

established an effective link between extreme sports and the world of

business and illustrated very successfully how motivational forces can

work for us as individuals. Many thanks for such stimulating and

inspiring input.”

Kaya Aydinli und Waltraud Höfer / F-Call AG / Vorstand

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