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Peter Brandl

Keynote Speaker Communication and Decision

Pilot, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, author
Communication, decision-making, leadership, change, new management
German, English

Ready for take-off: Let go of what's holding you back.

Professional pilot, entrepreneur, flight instructor and trainer for pilots and cockpit crews - with almost 3,500 events, he is one of the most sought-after and best-booked speakers in Europe. In his lectures, he combines the airliner cockpit and the boardroom. This unusual approach has already brought him on stage with greats such as Richard Branson, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, German President Christian Wulff, Steffi Graf and not to forget Tim Mälzer. His clients include companies such as Deutsche Bank, Daimler, Lufthansa, Red Bull, AUDI, Airbus and many others.
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lectures by Peter Brandl

Hudson River - The art of making tough decisions

Nothing moves forward, no one decides anything. No one takes responsibility. According to various studies, the main problem in many companies is not that the wrong decisions are being made. The biggest problem is that NO decisions are made.

Crash Communikation

Can you communicate? Of course you can! But then why do we so often misunderstand each other? Why do we so often not achieve what we want to achieve? Learn how to break the vicious circle of miscommunication in this lecture by Peter Brandl!

Ready for Take-off - Error Culture and Learning Organisation

Positive error culture; welcoming the error as a learning opportunity - fine-sounding words, but mostly nothing but hot air. In reality, blame is sought, responsibility is shifted and mistakes are covered up. And this is exactly where the problem lies: if mistakes are covered up, it is impossible to learn from them.

15 seconds head start - Why change management is not enough!

Change management is a topic that is on everyone's lips - and yet most change processes go wrong or at least run out of order. In aviation, change is part of everyday life.

S.T.A.R.T. – Rewrite your Story

Usually the story develops "just like that" - and this is where the problem lies. The result is a narrative quagmire that festers away. Companies should focus on their storytelling, because that is the first thing that comes across to customers and employees.


Peter Brandl delivers directly implementable business strategies that help you reach your goal safely, even in the most turbulent times. Today, he works primarily as a sparring partner and co-pilot for numerous board members and top executives.

"I always wanted to fly. I was, like in the commercials, one of those little boys standing at the airport with a dislocated jaw looking at the planes. Then, when I was 14, an aviation doctor told me I couldn't become a "real" pilot because I wore glasses. And I believed him. By the time I found out the guy was a complete idiot, I was already in my mid-30s."

This quote best describes how Peter Brandl's unusual life path came about - social educator, company founder, airline pilot, pilot trainer, multiple author, keynote speaker. But it also describes how the central theses of his lectures came about:

  • Boundaries are always created in the mind
  • Make a decision and take responsibility for it
  • Communication is everything
  • Mistakes are a prerequisite for growth - but only if you deal with them properly.
  • The world is different today - That's why we need new solutions and, above all, new management.

Many years have passed since I met this flight surgeon. Peter Brandl has now spoken to hundreds of thousands of people at over 3,500 events. He commutes between Berlin and Los Angeles, was President of the German Speakers Association, stood on stage with personalities such as Richard Branson, Apple founder Steve Wozniak, Steffi Graf and many, many others. His clients include companies such as Deutsche Bank, Daimler, Lufthansa, Red Bull, AUDI, Airbus and many others.

Well, and he also became a pilot on the side.

But what fascinates him most is the "human factor", which is why he still supports numerous airlines as a trainer for pilots and cockpit crews. When something happens in aviation, it is very rarely because of the technology. Most of the time, the cause lies with the people. Brandl regularly analyses with airline crews how these errors occurred. And he trains them in strategies to avoid such incidents in the future.

Aircraft are controlled by people, just like companies. And that's what makes Peter Brandl's approach so unique: Transfer the insights from aviation to your company with him and:

  • Make decisions - quickly, reliably, even under the most difficult conditions.
  • Reduce conflicts and frictional losses - and thus ensure more open communication in your company.
  • Increase motivation and personal responsibility
  • Create a culture in which mistakes are learned from and in which the basis for agility and adaptability is created.
  • Develop a leadership culture in which "remote" is not a danger but an opportunity.

When you talk to Peter Brandl, you see a man who has anything but a straightforward life path. The way he speaks, approaches topics, analyses problems, but also how he derives concrete approaches to solutions and strategies for action, gives you an idea of why so many top executives and DAX boards now place their trust in him and have made him their sparring partner, advisor and sometimes even co-pilot.

Keynote Speaker Peter Brandl