Dr. Peter Rehwinkel

Director / founder International Disaster and Crisis Management, former Member of Parliament, Senator, Mayor
International disaster and crisis management, local government, government law, royalty
German, English, Dutch, Spanish

A crisis doesn`t have to be a disaster

Dr. Peter Rehwinkel was Member of Parliament, Senator and Mayor in the Netherlands. He left the City of Groningen to fully commit himself to international disaster and crisis management. He headed several international and national delegations on crisis response and recovery.

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Experience makes another future, Dr. Peter Rehwinkel´s conviction was. He wants to contribute to a better and quicker reply, after a hazard has taken place. Recognize how fast your reputation and that of your organization or company can be destroyed. Be a professional. Develop your competences on disaster response according to your responsibilities.

Global Top Speaker Dr. Rehwinkel delivers a fascinating speech on crisis management and provides essential tips. Corporate sector, governments and organizations have shown keen interest already in the Golden Rules Peter Rehwinkel provides to fight crisis. Peter makes use of stories to remember, incorporates humor in his speeches and complements words with visual aids. He is also a sought after speaker on government law and royalty.


  • Crisis? What not to do!   
  • It`s all about crisis communications.   
  • Cities at risk: business BE AWARE!   
  • Royalty: still going strong!   
  • Excellence in local government leadership   
  • Presidents versus Prime Ministers
Keynote Speaker Dr. Peter Rehwinkel