Peter Stangel

Leading like a conductor: Peter Stangel

Occupation: Conductor, author, composer

Field(s) of expertise: leadership, communication, teamwork

Language(s): German, English

Lead like a conductor

A company that works together like an orchestra – a harmonious performance brought to life in his lectures by conductor and communication coach Peter Stangel. However, a successful performance of such an orchestra is impossible without a competent conductor - in music as in business. Peter Stangel explains how executives can become conductors that harmoniously lead a team in its entity but never lose sight of the individual.

More than anything else conductor and Global Top Speaker Peter Stangel has the ability to motivate. Be it as a trainer or presenter, before an audience of experts, amateurs or discerning listeners, he will always find the right tone!

For many years Peter Stangel worked as a conductor in opera houses and concert halls throughout Europe performing at concerts and recitals. His repertoire encompasses 70 operas and 350 symphonic works. He has conducted orchestras in Germany, Holland, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Slovenia and was nominated ‘best conductor’ by the magazine Opernwelt (World of Opera) before founding his own chamber-symphonic ensemble in Munich, which he called the "Taschenphilharmonie" (the Pocket Philharmonic).

Alongside his music studies Peter Stangel also trained as a communication skills coach. Nowhere does competent team management make or break a performance as it does in the world of music. And yet nowhere else is a leadership figure so dependent on the acceptance and cooperation of a fragile fraternity of highly qualified individualists to get results. That is what makes the job of a conductor so unique and his experience so valuable.

Peter Stangel, in his inspiring presentations, draws on work within an orchestra (the company), and the roles played by the musicians (employees working in a team), and the conductor (Management) to explore issues relating to collaboration and harmony within a business. This enables him to work through practical day-to-day suggestions and recommendations for each participant to take home with them.  

Motivator, leader, coach and expert, but above all a competent manager and an experienced practitioner, Peter Stangel has been training senior executives and managers from all walks of life for over 15 years. With eloquence, experience and esprit. With competence and charisma – even, on request, with his entire orchestra in tow – he will engage, inspire, entertain and motivate any audience.


  • Award by the city of Munich for Music and new Media, 2007 
  • Nomination for ‘Best Conductor’ in "Opernwelt International" (World of Opera)
  • Nomination of the Taschenphilharmonie recording box set for the German Music Award “ECHO Klassik” and the LEOPOLD Media Prize

Event organization:

  • Conducting for Senior Executives – experience leadership for yourself! 
  • Event preparation and facilitation

More Speeches

  • Umpteen soloists do not make a symphony – your job is to create an orchestra
  • Find the beat: how to use diplomacy and discipline to lead like a conductor
  • It’s not what you play, it’s the way that you play it – how to be pleasant yet professional

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Participant Comments

...thank you very much for your terrific presentation last

Friday. I have received nothing but positive feedback which I am pleased

to be able to pass on to you. Your presentation was highly entertaining

and met all our expectations and you did an admirable job of forging a

link to our day-to-day work. I hope our paths cross again in the


Christian Held / Rödl & Partner

„The feedback we received was extremely positive! The whole event

went very well and your keynote speech was an essential part of a highly

successful evening. Many thanks!’”

Jennifer Brunn / EXPOLAB GmbH

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