Priti Coles

Priti Coles

Occupation: Opera singer, actor, voice trainer

Field(s) of expertise: Expert for voice, presence, speaking & presentation

Language(s): German, English

Be seen, be heard, be real!

Voice expert Priti Coles´ high powered communication training is based on profound performance know-how. More than 20 years experience as an opera/concert/musical-soloist and actor throughout Europe led to her present work as corporate coach, voice pedagogue (Vienna Conservatory), speaker and CEO of ClearVoiceCoaching. 

Her international stage career, performing with such renowned companies as Hamburg State Opera, Netherlands Opera, English National Opera and the BBC Symphony Orchestra was preceded by acting studies in London (B.A. Honors Performing Arts, Trent Park- Middlesex University) and voice training at Amsterdam Conservatory. Leading roles in traditional operas, zany modern world premieres as well as star characters in famous musicals all display her enormous versatility.

Priti Coles´ phenomenal energy and charismatic sparkle can fill huge theatres. In her interactive speaking engagements this quality together with a warm personality and in-depth knowledge effortlessly draws her listeners. Her enthusiasm for enabling people to discover their own performance-power gets even the shyest audience members active and participating in simple, fun exercises.

As a lively and humorous motivator, Global Topspeaker Priti Coles creates a unique experience, applying her expertise to what she is passionate about – encouraging physical presence, stimulating clear, inspiring speaking and above all revealing how true, authentic performance will make you shine not only on stage but in any situation.

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Participant Comments

„...a lively, fun approach paired with in depth knowledge

and expertise on the voice and physical presence in an easy to follow,

succinct format. Our business breakfast with Priti Coles (WKO Vienna

2011) was not only entertaining and motivating but really useful; her

comprehensive exercises can be immediately applied. This talk was a joy

to listen to and participate in. I can recommend it to any company or

group interested in the art of speaking…”

Julian Walton / CEO Eurowatch / Chairman-Austro-British Chamber Vienna

„´Priti Coles´ sparkling personality and simple, hands on approach

made her talk ´be seen, be heard, be real` an absolute highlight of our

international legal-department meeting. We were a mixed group but she

got us all joining in the fun exercises without exception. All

nationalities, ages and mind sets were motivated and inspired; a really

refreshing way to end our conference!

Katja Tautscher / BorealisGroup / General Counsel - Legal Department

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