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Ronny Leber

Keynote Speaker and Presenter
Enthusiasm, employee motivation, team spirit, target-setting
German, English

A wave of enthusiasm. The stadium experience for companies

Ronny Leber is a firework of enthusiasm! And he shares and transmits this to tens of thousands when he presents the matches of the Austrian national soccer team live. He makes a stadium shake! Enthusiastic sports fans hang spellbound on his lips and let themselves be carried away to a wave of enthusiasm! The stadium announcer and TV anchorman Ronny Leber is a well-known and sought-after face on Austrian television. He knows how to bring the special goosebump feeling of a major sporting event to every event and can convey the feeling of burning for a common cause like no other. As a studied business economist, the transfer to the economy is easy for him and is an asset for every company!
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Bettina Legat - Peek & Cloppenburg

"Exciting, rousing and stimulating are the first three words about the Stadium Principle. Ronny has a great charisma and you feel directly addressed, even if many people are sitting there. What was exciting for me was that I had nothing to do with sporting events before and could now immerse myself in a completely new world. It was also interesting how Ronny presented this in a great way and carried us along. I can take that into my next meetings. I also think the idea of Magic Moments is great - they stay in the memory and connect a group and I'll be happy to try that out."

Andreas Eulgem - Computacenter AG & Co oHG

"We were very satisfied with the cooperation with Mr. Leber. The preparation went very professionally and in partnership! Mr. Leber achieved with his presentation exactly what we had imagined. The audience was "woken up" and motivated by his presentation! The statement that we all wear the "same jerseys" has stuck in the heads and strengthens the idea of cooperation! Thus, we can highly recommend Mr. Leber."

Martin Betschart -

"(...) The parallels of sporting events to business teams clearly show how important enthusiasm at work is for the success of a company!"

lectures by Ronny Leber

The fan principle: How to turn your customers into fans

How do companies turn their employees into fans? What insights can companies take from successful sports teams for their own employee retention? Which methods help you to turn your employees into brand ambassadors?

The stadium principle: Win together!

Do you know the feeling when a whole stadium stands behind a team? That moment when the fire jumps from the team to the fans? That feeling of having played a part in that atmosphere and in the victory? What is everyday life for many sports teams is now made possible for companies by top stadium presenter Ronny Leber, who takes his audience on an emotional journey that fundamentally strengthens the cornerstones of your team. Experience the 5 star speaker in his impulsive lecture and feel a new team feeling, pick up fresh momentum and use this advantage in competition.

the marathon principle: Top performance when it counts

Ambitious goals, unbridled willpower and surpassing one's own limits: that's what the myth of the marathon stands for! Marathon runner and marathon presenter Ronny Leber takes his audience on a journey between enthusiasm, training, endurance, pain, suffering, tears and finally a euphoria that breaks all boundaries.


Conference speaker Ronny Leber understands how to get people working on a common goal. He knows the mechanisms of group dynamics that can lead to harmony or disharmony in workforces. Psychological as well as sociological aspects promote enthusiasm for a cause. His motivating instructions and helpful approaches create a pleasant team atmosphere.

With his speech about the arena principle, conference speaker Leber skillfully demonstrates how to inspire big groups and to reach the best outcome together – whether in team sports or in a company. The man for big events works with the best of the world on a regular basis, like Tom Brady, Thomas Muster and Alexander Zverev. Furthermore, the experienced keynote speaker presented many times as certified Anthony-Robbins-trainer.

Global Topspeaker and motivator Ronny Leber knows numerous practical tricks and approaches to ignite the enthusiasm in his audience, even in workforces, like in international corporate groups. The 5-star speaker already inspired more than 3 million people and created “magic moments” that get under your skin and provide sustained motivation.

Keynote Speaker Ronny Leber

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