Ronny Leber

Motivator Ronny Leber.

Occupation: Keynote Speaker and Presenter

Field(s) of expertise: Enthusiasm, employee motivation, team spirit, target-setting

Language(s): German, English

„Connecting humans through emotions and achieving more together! “

Motivator Ronny Leber has entertained and inspired more than 4 million people worldwide. As a moderator, he knows how to empower and transform big groups and as a certified trainer for Anthony Robbins the motivational speaker dug deep in the theory and praxis of engaging keynotes. Ronny Leber is “burning” for his self-created magic moments and leaves enthusiastic audiences at company events. The Master of business economics and Bachelor of sports science is an expert in the field of motivation and group dynamics and with his enthusiasm he leaves a mark for international audiences.

Conference speaker Ronny Leber understands how to get people working on a common goal. He knows the mechanisms of group dynamics that can lead to harmony or disharmony in workforces. Psychological as well as sociological aspects promote enthusiasm for a cause. His motivating instructions and helpful approaches create a pleasant team atmosphere.

With his speech about the arena principle, conference speaker Leber skillfully demonstrates how to inspire big groups and to reach the best outcome together – whether in team sports or in a company. The man for big events works with the best of the world on a regular basis, like Tom Brady, Thomas Muster and Alexander Zverev. Furthermore, the experienced keynote speaker presented many times as certified Anthony-Robbins-trainer.

Global Topspeaker and motivator Ronny Leber knows numerous practical tricks and approaches to ignite the enthusiasm in his audience, even in workforces, like in international corporate groups. The 5-star speaker already inspired more than 3 million people and created “magic moments” that get under your skin and provide sustained motivation.

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