Sigal Weisswasser

Sigal Weisswasser

Occupation: Business Growth Philosophy Advisor, Sales Growth Master, Commercial & Personal Accelerator

Field(s) of expertise: Business Philosophy Models, Capabilites & Target Achieving, Sales growth, Value Maximizing, Business & Personal Empowering

Language(s): English

“Good Business you do with companies – Great business you do with people”

Sigal Weisswasser is the founder of the T.B.N. Group Consulting - a different brand of a boutique advisory firm offers business philosophies and models empowering skills, capabilities, commercial moves and strategies to yield growth, profitability and target achieving. For the past two decades, Sigal had served as a business advisor to many companies and executives around the world becoming recognized authority with her management consulting models for business developemnt and value maximizing. Ms. Weisswasser also considered a Master when dealing with management and team empowering using theory of the mind tool – kit to boost any business and person desiring for success achieving.

Sigal Weisswasser is considered by many as a different kind of a business advisor since she offers business philosophies relating to the “power of the mind” within the professional environment. Sigal consults and accompany those who have not yet maximized their power to secure the ongoing growth of their business especially in our challenging business environment. In addition, for 25 years of business activity within the global arena, Sigal had successfully advised verity of businesses with their sales and business development growth offering strategies, tactics and moves yield value, profitability and success.

In addition, Sigal is a skilled and inspiring speaker, and her vivid and motivating educative lectures offering in addition to commercial expertise and knowhow, also refreshing perspectives, philosophies and operating tools considered breakthrough for business and life transforming. In fact, Sigal's vivid and energetic personality along with exceptional ability to bridge and create non formal relations, inspires and motivates many people who claim that Sigal simply transformed and improved their lives or made a significant change in their business.

Sigal's desire is to share with her audience 25 years of exploring, studying, investigating, trying, implementing and executing verity of philosophies, theories, strategies, techniques, models and technologies she was exposed to, practiced and applied over the years so as an ordinary people - thay will be able to do an extraordianry things!

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Participant Comments

„You have set the bar really high for business seminar in general! You can be sure, that if one day you decide to write a book/e-book (and I hope you will), I will buy several copies to give them as gifts to all my entrepreneur friends.”

Michael Setton / Sensaris / CEO

„We have just received some comments from participants of your seminar who were very delighted and described it as: interesting, professional, educative, profound, prospective. I agree with each word of this highly positive reference and only can add that your presentation was not only very interesting from the professional standpoint and full of profound knowledge of the discussed subject, but also very emotional, thanks to which the audience was involved in your story.”

Dmitry Chagin / International Partnering Forum / Director

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