Stefan Frädrich

TV host, trainer / coach and author of several books
Self-motivation, conquering the inner temptation
German, English

Where would we be if everyone said when we came out and nobody was going to see, where would we be if we left.

Dr. Stefan Frädrich has degrees in medicine and business administration (Chamber of Commerce). He is a qualified trainer for cognitive behavior therapy, rhetoric and communication skills, health and management.

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lectures by Stefan Frädrich

the günter-principle

Do you know Günter? Günter is your inner pigdog. He lives inside your head and helps you to avoid stress: “Do it the same way like yesterday!”, “That’s impossible!”, “Better don’t start today, start tomorrow!” Günter says. And you don’t just avoid stress – you avoid success as well.

Time for better ideas for your inner self talk!

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He is a well-known expert and keynote speaker on topics of self-motivation, holds non-smoking trainings and is author of bestseller books. He is also a frequent guest in television talk shows and hosts his own TV show.

As a captivating and motivating speaker and presenter Dr. Stefan Frädrich thrilles his audience with much sympathy, charm, humor and motivation. His goal: to make complex things understandable, logical and entertaining. 

His creation “Günter” is a personification of the weaker self that holds people back, and is a popular figure in the German-speaking world that many people can identify with. Everyone knows their own “Günter”, the feeling of self-doubt that prevents them from doing what they really want to do.

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