Stefan Kuntz

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Occupation: European soccer champion, coach and soccer official

Field(s) of expertise: Motivation, leadership, assertiveness, team spirit

Language(s): German, English

"With heart and soul towards success."

When soccer pro Stefan Kuntz scored the equaliser in the 1-1 draw with England in the semi-finals, he paved the way for Germany’s national team to win the European Soccer Championship in 1996. After his biggest successes until then - winning the German Soccer Championship, winning the German Soccer Association’s DFB cup, being voted soccer player of the year as well as being awarded the title of top scorer twice – the Global Topspeaker had finally achieved the height of his career as a soccer player. At the age of 33, this amazing success was the just reward for his incredible determination, his assertiveness and his ambition. “I’ve always had to fight tooth and nail for what I wanted,“, says Stefan Kuntz today, „As my talent was only mediocre, I had to rely on my will of iron and the rest was a lot of hard work“.

This is how Stefan Kuntz made it to the top squad of Germany’s national team. After the termination of his career as a soccer player, he was also very successful as a coach and manager. In various clubs, Stefan Kuntz moulded players to teams while nurturing the respective skills of individual players at the same time. As a soccer official, he was not only responsible for the team on the field but also for the team behind the team. The sports manager was in charge of more than 100 employees and thus managed a mid-sized company. Stefan Kuntz’s success is based on his solid knowledge, his varied experience but also on his high degree of humaneness and his setting a good example for living according to traditional values. In his position as the club’s chairman of the board, Stefan Kuntz proved his farsightedness and learned to act pro-actively, which gained him the respect and appreciation of the German soccer officials who appointed him to the Board of the German Soccer League DFL and the German Soccer Association DFB.

The born Saarlander experienced amazing successes just as well as almost hopeless situations. Despite of defeats and setbacks, however, his will to fight always provided the speaker and kicker Stefan Kuntz with new opportunities. In his motivating presentations, Stefan Kuntz compares and explains the mechanisms in soccer and in business teams using authentic and inspiring examples. He knows the tricks on the field and in the demanding world of business. In a highly entertaining manner, the charismatic keynote speaker therefore tops off his presentations with exciting stories from his eventful life as a soccer player. He loves to figuratively cross the ball into the audience. Soccer is the Global Topspeaker’s life: „Camaraderie, a sense of community, a lot of ambition and the will to win – that’s the spirit of soccer“, says Stefan Kuntz.

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