Unternehmer und Finanzexperte Sven Enger

Occupation: Certified business man, business psychologist, entrepreneur, publisher

Field(s) of expertise: Leadership, society in the digital transformation, strategy, philanthropy

Language(s): German, English

Never try to give up and never give up trying.

Sven Enger is the managing director and partner at the Berlin-based publishing house „Zukunft & Gesellschaft“ (Future & Society). His ambitious foresight, in particular regarding topics of social relevance, is what characterises the internationally experienced entrepreneur and keynote speaker. And his expertise in the field of digitization in conjunction with sociological structures in times of change is the direct result of his thinking ahead. Consequently, Sven Enger sees his publishing house as a future-oriented communication platform.

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Even today, the entrepreneur, publisher and speaker is governed by his Hanseatic roots, i.e. those of the honourable merchant: A handshake still is all what it takes. Following his school leaving examination, Sven Enger studied economics and then extended his studies to business psychology. The business graduate was interested in philanthropy as well as in people and their actions even then. Apart from leadership and strategy, Sven Enger nowadays chooses digitization in the social context to be the central theme of his presentations.

As a lecturer at the renowned NIT (Northern Institute of Technology Management) in Hamburg, Sven Enger passes on his know-how to international students. For at the NIT, more than excellent management skills are to be taught; the program is inspired by the vision to educate responsible and entrepreneurial technology managers who possess excellent intercultural and communicative soft skills.

This renders him a sought-after source of inspiration, not only for the well-established major players from politics and business but also for future managers.

Sven Enger started out his professional career in the insurance business. Here, he profoundly expanded his economic know-how and further added to his expertise by including the field of investment business. He is considered to be an expert in the financial sector. For more than10 years, he was a board member in various international corporations where he gained valuable insight into the interaction of different mentalities and cultures. From being an active handball player at a high level, he learned more than from anything else the true meaning of team spirit. This experience stayed with today’s managing director of the publishing house „Zukunft und Gesellschaft“ throughout his remarkable career and represented elements of his approach as an executive.

Apart from subjects such as motivation, change, corporate and sociological structures, the Global Top Speaker in recent years has mainly addressed the subject of digitization in the working environment as well as on the social level. For the skilled manager, these components make up „industrialisation 4.0“. It is a revolutionary kind of process that cannot be reversed.

Chance gave the congenial keynote speaker the opportunity to change his professional career and to reform it drastically by entering the publishing business. Apart from classic publications such as books and magazines, in the opinion of the charismatic entrepreneur it is very important for the publishing house to also devote itself to the ubiquitous digitization, for instance in the form of events based on the community concept or digitized forms of book streaming. Despite the progressive technology, however, the Global Top Speaker nevertheless considers the human being to be the central focus. Sven Enger says: „It is high time for people to understand that digitization is support, not competition. Such a contest could not be won.“

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Participant Comments

„I have rarely experienced such a clear-sighted analysis of the complex relationships of digitization.”

Verena Fritzsche / NIT-Hamburg / Manager

"Initiated by the lecture by Sven Enger cognitive process will bring the company sustained forward and change."

G. von Nordeck / PvN Real Estate GmbH

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