Thomas Fricke

Organiser of the FIFA World Cup 2006, Speaker, Coach
football, sports, management
German, English

The accordance of organisation and emotion leads to success.

Global Top Speaker Thomas Fricke was heading the procurement and logistics department at the last FIFA Football World Cup 2006 in Germany. He started his career as an international Project Manager in several business segments. At the same time he was employed in the professional football business as football has been his passion from the very beginning. In 2004 he started working at the Local Organising Committee of the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Keynote speaker Thomas Fricke graduated from the Economy and Technology University in Germany.

Gabriele Glocke - EGL Elektrizitäts-Gesellschaft Laufenburg

"[...] we made the right choice! Your presentation was exciting, interesting and very eloquently delivered. The participants were enthusiastic and have certainly been able to take something back to their everyday lives."

Björn Daubenfeld - Deutsche Telekom AG

"You were the absolute highlight of the event and were unsurpassed in terms of professionalism. Our participants almost gushed with praise in their feedback and conversations, like Miro Klose cheering for a goal in his prime."

lectures by Thomas Fricke

Thomas Fricke is currently not giving any lectures.


He has an extensive professional and project experience in international project management, presales and consulting, as member of the 2006 FIFA World Cup organizational committee (management role), international guest lecturer, management consultant, motivational coach and instructor at private colleges in Germany. His industry experience he got as professional soccer at an international level as well as by his work in the fields of telecommunication, mobile communication, logistics, the management of large-scale events, vocational and advanced training.

His circle of clients counts national and international companies and concerns, banking institutes, industrie and trade associations as well as clubs and service providers of professional football. So let you thrill and convince too by Thomas Fricke!

Possible lectures:

  1. FIFA Football World Cup 2006 – Overcoming Logistic Challenges at the Biggest Ever Football World Cup Best Practice Backup Strategies For Event Organisers
  • Facts and figures – the biggest ever TV audience engaged in a sporting event
  • Successfully managing all suppliers involved in the event
  • Winning and organising the sponsorship
  • Securing all the venues with the most advanced techniques

     2. Procurement And Logistics At The 2006 FIFA Football World Cup – Achieving World Class Purchasing Strategies!

  • FIFA World Cup: Key facts and figures !
  • Organisational requirements and constrains for procurement and logistics
  • Selected logistic processes – an inside view !
  • Achieving best purchasing strategies
 Thomas Fricke

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