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Web 2.0, information technology, international business

Before I speak, I have something important to say. (Groucho Marx)

Tim Cole, an American expatriate who has lived and worked in Germany for more than 40 years, is an experienced journalist and columnist and one of the leading experts on the Internet Economy and social media in Europe. A well-known keynote speaker, his opinion pieces and interviews have appeared in virtually every major business publication and national newspaper in Germany, including ´Capital`, ´Süddeutsche Zeitung`, ´Die Welt` and ´Financial Times Deutschland`. Together with his friend and co-writer, Ossi Urchs, he anchored the television series ´eTalk`, for n-tv, the German CNN affiliate which featured prominent studio guests from leading international IT, telecommunications, technology and Internet enterprises. In 2004, Tim Cole co-founded the analyst group KuppingerCole, which specializes in Identity Management and Digital Security issues. He is the best-selling author of numerous books dealing with the future of the networked economy and business transformation.

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In seminars and corporate events, Global Top Speaker Tim Cole interacts with managers and thought leaders in business, politics and finance. He is know for his ability to make complex issues understandable to the layperson through a mixture of entertainment and enlightenment. His speeches are packed with real-life examples of successful use of technology in a wide range of business cases. His focus is on everyday professional and private experience with the ´new media` and how they change the way companies interact with customers, employees and partners. As a journalist, he is critical of popular ´hype` phenomena, yet remains upbeat about the future in an increasingly networked world, which gives his forecasts and analysis added credibility.

According to native speaker Tim Cole, technology is a distinct and important factor contributing to overall prosperity especially for small and medium-sized business which are generally acknowledged to be the ´backbone of the German economy`. Technology and innovation are not aims within themselves, he maintains, but instead key growth engines in all areas of the economy. Overcoming intertia and technophobia, he feels, are important ways to ensuring future success.


  • Internet Praxis (loose-leaf collection), 1995
  • Success Factor Internet. Why no company can survive without the Internet, 1999
  • Management Challenge IT Security, 1999
  • The Customer Cartell – The new power of the consumer, 2000
  • Future Customer.com (2001, published by Edgar K. Geffroy)
  • Selling Technology – Techies as Salesmen, 2004
  • Online-Marketing Manual (2007, published by Thorsten Schwarz)
  • Enterprise 2020 – the Internet was just the beginning, 2010

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 Tim Cole

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