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Timm Kruse

Journalist, reporter, writer, media producer
Journalism, film, travel, adventure, creative experiments
French, English, German

„The target is the way. Or: When I’m on the road, I’m at home.”

For the journalist and author Timm Kruse, border experiences and adventures are what others might call a cosy evening with friends or colleagues. The Global Topspeaker and TV reporter loves the challenge and the unknown. For Kruse, it is essential to overcome boundaries in everyday life and at work to open new things. This is the only way to discover new horizons, achieve success and act correctly in crisis situations. As a freelance journalist, Timm Kruse lives an intense, fascinating and varied life between extraordinary journeys and his home in Northern Germany. In his rousing lectures, the adventurer inspires his audience with stories that take their breath away and reveal new, unknown worlds.

Ina Rudolph -

"It's incredible that one man can express such enthusiasm."

lectures by Timm Kruse

Adventure reporter life: about fortune knight, politicians and gurus

The world of media seems to spin faster than the globe. Daily news, rapid developments, crazy stories, incredible adventures – reporters must always be up to date, recognize connections and report about our complicated world in a way that everyone understands. They are the translators of the cosmos; reporters are there where everything is compressed, where time shoots through a needle’s eye and where the adventure of the future begins.

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Work-life-balance: always on the move and yet at home

Why are we working so hard? When is it enough with our performance? How fat do our car, our house and our debaucheries still have to get? What is the right work-life balance for us?

Everyone dreams of living the perfect version of their life, the best work-life-balance – but how does that work

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The 40-Day challenge - be your hero

40 is the magic number that can change your life. If you don’t eat sugar, smoke or drink alcohol for 40 days as a challenge, your can easily do without these addictive substances afterwards. Those who have discipline and go jogging for 40 days will never want to live without sport again. Those who motivate themselves for 40 days to complete unpleasant tasks at work fist will certainly not have to put off disturbing matters for so long in the future. Willpower and discipline become habits – and efficiency and motivation increase equally in the professional and private context.

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Roadtrip with Guru

Who is willing to dare something new and only question their own motivation? Not only to go on holiday in a new country. Not to move to a new city. Not to try a new partner, a new job, a new sport, different food or alternative medicine? These are all changes that take play within the framework of the old life. But nothing is really new.

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Timm Kruse grew up in a tranquil place in North Rhine-Westphalia and is drawn to the distance from a young age. After a stay abroad in the U.S., he studied linguistics and literature in Saarbrücken and Wolverhampton. His subsequent traineeship at Saar TV paved the way for the Global Topspeaker into television journalism. He then worked for Sat.1 as a filmmaker and reporter for the programmes “Planetopia” and “ran” all over the world.

Today he works as a freelance journalist for ZDF, is the founder and managing director of the media production company “Buntfunk” and is the author of several bestselling books. As an adventurer and journalist, he repeatedly embarks on adventurous, crazy and sometimes dangerous journeys, living contrary to all conventions. The break with everyday life, the familiar, drives the reporter and fascinates him.

When Kruse met an Indian guru at a festival in 2009, it changed his life in seconds. Timm Kruse left everything behind and followed the guru around the world for a year as his personal chauffeur. He describes this exciting time intensively in his bestseller “Roadtrip mit Guru”. Back home, the adventurer always faces more and more extreme situations and experiments. One year without alcohol was a borderline experience for the Global Topspeaker which he would not have thought could be possible. In his book “Weder geschüttelt noch gerührt” he reports about his experiences without alcohol and how he became an outsider. After five years without the liquid drug Kruse claims to be at peace with his life. In his latest book “Ein Mann ein Board” the adventurer talks about his experiences with Stand Up Paddling, 3.000 km along the Danube. A distance no one before him has ever mastered.

In his rousing and visually stunning lectures, adventurer Timm Kruse talks about extraordinary borderline experiences that open up new ideas and perspectives. Not only in his private life, but also in his company, it is essential for the journalist to make new experiences and go to his limits, or even beyond them. Those who experience this worldly and far-travelled man in his lectures have an urgent need to break out themselves and discover new horizons. Timm Kruse shows how to maintain motivation and how deal skilfully with crisis situations and changes.

 Timm Kruse