5 Sterne Redner

Tina Thörner

Rally co-driver
Positive thinking, motor sports, team building
German, English, Swedish

Each has his own fortune.

Tina Thörner currently is the most successful female co-driver in BMWs motor rally team. The swedish power woman has helped herself and her rally team to achieve remarkable success. With her lectures today, she teaches her audience “generating undreamed power” in their professions and private lives.
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Her lectures are filled with action and experiences from her life as a professional navigator and business woman. She shows impressively how to cope with challenges and difficulties in life on the track and beside it. Global Top Speaker Tina Thörner is sure that challenges lead to personal development and so she combines her speeches with material to inspire and motivate. Action packed films, creative photography and dynamic music feature help to make the audience feel positive and strong.

As a keynote speaker and coach Thörner makes sure that every new thing her audience is learning affects and alters their usual patterns, changes old prejudices, provides a broader understanding of things and help to develop and grow in all areas of their lives. Thörner is sure that everyone can create heaven on earth here and now by deciding what they want, daring to try new paths until they succeed, training thoughts and emotions to make them “energy-creating” and being a natural role model by displaying 100% responsibility.

Tina Thörner is trained in NLP and makes use of modern learning techniques such as power reading, mind mapping and memory dynamics. She gives lectures all over Europe and was the third-most sought-after speaker in Sweden in 2010.

More Speeches:

  •   Motivation and positive thinking
  •   Motorsport means teamwork
  •   Forge your own destiny
  •   Self-coaching
  •   How do winners think
  •   The rally of life: achieving goals
Keynote Speaker Tina Thörner

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