David Deeble entertains with comedy, magic and EMCEE talents

David Deeble entertains with comedy, magic and EMCEE talents

The German speaker market discovers the art of „stand-up-comedy“. A new tendency is to be noticed: profound keynote speeches with comedy elements, magic touches and – why not – some professional juggling! Companies appreciate this combined mix of serious and useful business messages wrapped around an entertainment part of the event. This new direction of keynote speaking swept over from the US to Europe like so many trends.

The US-American David Deeble is a parade example for this kind of entertainer and speaker! The Global Topspeaker is bringing his numerous skills such as comedy, magic, juggling and above all, presentation, to the German market. David performed at venues across the U.S., most-notably The Magic Castle and The Comedy & Magic Club in Los Angeles. David had numerous appearances on American television including "America's Got Talent!", Standing" and "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", where he performed his trademark grocery-sack juggling routine.

David is a great combination of Keynote Speaker, Entertainer, Comedian and EMCEE. With his easygoing style, funny material and extraordinarily unique skills, David brings excellent comedy entertainment to corporate events in the USA, in Europe and now in Germany. As an American citizen he just knows everything about motivation and the buzz of his public.

David includes his personal experiences of his own funny intercultural challenges in his keynotes and represents a perfect mixture of “old” and “new” world. He is very much sought for being a speaker on big events for international and global companies.

Another example for the imminent success of comedy elements in speaking is the German comedian and expert for service culture Armin Nagel. With unexpected comedic methods and in a highly humorous way he nationally and internationally demonstrates what customers really require and gives practical advice for an increased service culture. 

A highly interesting development of the speaking business in Germany. It is time for „learning and having fun“!.

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