Analogy of football, leadership and business

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Football is an enormous economic factor that generates billions in turnover all over the world. However, just as in business, big goals in football can only be accomplished with a team and the right kind of motivation. How do you lead a football team and a club to the very top? How do you motivate players and teams? And what insights can be gained for the business world?

Our former football pros, coaches and members of the executive committee of National League football clubs have gained a lot of experience in the field of sports, not only as active players, but also in management. In their presentations, the Global Topspeakers demonstrate the considerable parallels between a football club and a business enterprise. The club’s structure with its president, manager, coach and players is mirrored by the corporate hierarchy of an industrial enterprise made up of board, directors, department heads and employees. In football, just as in the business world, a positive and motivating management style is crucial for commercial success in the long term. 

During this entertaining presentation, you will gain some insight into the world of professional football and its similarity to modern, corporate management practices. Our Global Topspeakers from the field of professional football give you valuable and immediately workable impetus on how you may lead your team in an optimum way and thus increase the performance of your business.

Contents of the presentation:

  • Football team versus a team within company
  • Successful teamwork
  • „Teambuilding" measures
  • Management strategies for football and business
  • Motivation for coaches and executives

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