We inspire people

Our group of companies finds the perfect speaker, host and coach for you and thus assures engaging and unforgettable events. The strong foundation of our activities is our inspiring passion for people and their stories – stories, our speakers will share with you and your guests with this very kind of enthusiasm. The most famous Global Topspeakers are, among others, top speakers such Europe's most innovative futurologist Sven Gabor Janszky, Olympic champion in ski jumping Sven Hannawald, the trainer of the U21 national soccer team Stefan Kuntz and professional racing driver Timo Scheider.


We have been providing optimum support for many of our speakers for years now and thus have built a highly trusting relationship with them which is based on honest criticism, continuous further development and constructive collaboration. We also regularly attend lectures of new talents and proven experts and coach and support them in their performance before exclusively finding speaker assignments for them through our agency. This is the only way to guarantee a true Global Topspeakers experience! After each presentation, we in addition ask our customers for their feedback on the respective performance in order to always live up to our high standards. This is how our team develops sound knowledge about the presentation contents, performances and target groups of our speakers. And this is what our customers realise right away when they talk to us – thereby saving time and giving them the good feeling of having found the ideal speaker perfectly suited for their event.




When selecting our speakers, we attach great importance to reliability and professionalism. Since we also take care of our speakers‘ entire travel logistics, we always know where they are – and should there be a delay, we know about that, too. Our speakers are under the contractual obligation to be at the respective venue at least 1 hour prior to their presentation. This way, we ensure that your event is running smoothly.




Jeder unserer Redner hat seine individuelle, spannende Geschichte, die er mitreißend erzählt. Auch hier arbeiten wir mit unseren Rednern und unterstützen diese zum Beispiel bei der Dramaturgie durch einen Filmregisseur oder lassen sie in Bühnenpräsenz und Rhetorik coachen. Emotionalität, Menschlichkeit und gutes Storytelling sind grundlegende Aufnahmekriterien bei den 5 Sterne Rednern. Dies garantiert eine spannungsgeladene und kurzweilige Veranstaltung, die Ihre Gäste begeistert und berührt.