We inspire people

Our group of companies assures stirring and unforgettable events. The strong foundation on which our activities are based is our inspiring passion for people and their stories. All of our Global Topspeakers have a unique story to tell that they will enthusiastically share with you and your guests! The owner of the mediation agency, Heinrich Kuerzeder, who is also known as the „maker of public speakers“ personally established 5 Sterne Redner and continues to develop it. Among others, the most famous German Global Topspeakers are for instance entrepreneur Thomas M. Stein, Former World Chess champion Garry Kasparov and Germany’s most innovative trend researcher Sven Gábor Jánszky.



All in one Top Hand

The native Bavarian and sales pro, Heinrich Kuerzeder, has many years of experience in the speakers business. He established the speakers agency 5 Sterne Redner together with his wife Ellen (Administration) and his daughter Sabrina (Head of Human Resources and Project Management). In 2015, his son Michael Kuerzeder has also joined the sales force and his now vice manager of the family-run business.

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The best suited speaker for your event

The selection of our speakers always starts with a profound, personal consultation. Heinrich Kuerzeder knows all the speakers personally, has experienced their presentations live, knows in detail what „his“ key note speakers have to offer and who is best suited for which type of event. We, at Global Topspeakers unerringly mediate the speaker that will exactly meet the requirements of your event, your budget and most of all, the needs of your target group! Thanks to our excellent networking, our customers may also book a large number of speakers that are not listed on our homepage. With Top Service, of course!



That way, every event becomes a festivity

Based on our sophisticated project management system headed by of Sabrina Hueller and thanks to our personal supervision and our well-proven checklists, we ensure that your event will run smoothly. And should a guest speaker have to cancel (e. g. due to illness), we immediately will provide an appropriate substitute – on time and without extra charge. To us, top quality is a factor that always refers to the goals and needs of our customers. We mediate top-notch speakers, make travel arrangements and, if you so desire, take care of the entire event management.