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Health is not a matter of course, rather the result of a balanced way of living. A healthy body needs the right nutrition and enough sport. Our speakers create a positive body image in their lectures on health. They also support companies to inspire their employees and customers to live a healthier life and to implement healthier choices every day.

With these motivating lectures on the topic of health you will not only lower your sickness rate but also encourage your healthcare-policy and provide support for your employees in the way to a healthier, fitter and more efficient life.

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New study shows effects of memory training on recall ability

CNBC has published an article about Global Topspeaker Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad:

Scientist show how anyone can improve memory

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The link between ancient speakers and modern keynote speakers

Keynote speaker – when hearing this word, the first that comes to mind is future trends, technology, Silicon Valley. However, keynote speaker is not a profession that has only been invented recently: As is generally known, the art of rhetoric has its roots in the ancient world. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans…

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Two new World Records for Global Topspeaker Boris Nikolai Konrad

Great News from Istanbul! Global Topspeakers are thrilled for having learned on November 29th, live from Turkey, that memorytrainer Boris Nikolai Konrad triumphed again! During the „Memoriad World Records Attempts“ he introduced two new world records in the discipline „remembering names“. The keynote speaker and…

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Worldwide appearance of Boris N. Konrad on the Deutsche Welle

For many Germans who live and work abroad, the Deutsche Welle (DW) is an established term and an integral part of their daily media information. The Deutsche Welle is the Federal Republic of Germany’s international broadcasting service which broadcasts world-wide and apart from radio and internet also provides TV

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Global Top Speaker Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad

The memory expert and World Champion in memorizing names, Boris Nikolai Konrad, not only is an inspiring lecturer but also a scientist and staff member of the renowned Max Planck Institute in Munich.

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Superhirn Boris Nikolai Konrad challenges Chinese Memory Athlete

Global Topspeaker Boris Nikolai Konrad is currently traveling to  Nanjing nearby Shanghai. Once arrived, he is going to participate in the TV event ‘Chinas Super Brain’. Channel PPTV bought the license to the show from Endemol and has already aired some episodes with much success fort he local Chinese brain athletes.

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