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Successful, harmonious, and efficient teams are the goal of many companies. Our inspiring 5-star-rated speakers are experts in teamwork! They know how to assemble successful teams, what each individual can contribute, and how to build a successful team as a leader.

A team is only as good as its individual members. Therefore, teams should consist of diverse personalities. Diversity and inclusion help illuminate different perspectives and enable a better understanding of challenges and opportunities.

From defining clear goals and shared values to open communication and clear task allocation: Let our speakers surprise and inspire you! Your team will thank you!

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The issue of women in motorsports

Mercedes Benz has published an interview with Global Topspeaker Ellen Lohr:

In the fast lane

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Circumnavigator Stefanie Voss encourages to become more self-confident

Leadership expert and Global Topspeaker Stefanie Voss sailed around the world – during this long and strenuous voyage, she learned what it means to leave one’s comfort zone. Because it is not the wind direction but our actions that decide whether the ship stays on course or will drift off. This experience has also…

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